Review: Mash

28 November 2014

Now why would Mel blog about a steakhouse at an airport you may wonder… I got to Copenhagen the previous evening and was just in town for a quick overnight. The dinner I had the night before was so disappointing I am not going to say more, except my favourite rib joint in the world has finally failed me…

As I had time before my flight to Latvia, I decided to pop into the re-done steakhouse. The old steakhouse is gone, now replaced by Denmark’s top steak joint, Mash. Frankly this was great news as Mash is very well regarded, and has even challenged for some of the best steaks in London.

I was nursing a rather painful hangover from drinking many litres of microbrew and then hours more of grappa and other painful spirits… Just Mel being Mel being stupid… I decided on the aged Danish rib-eye amongst the many beef choices (US, Australian, etc). And I also ordered a side of jalapeños for some reason…


Now this was excellent. The steak was proper medium-rare, and a very nice cut of rib-eye. Did not need the sauces they offered as it was a jucy piece of meat, cooked to perfection. Rare to see this anywhere, especially an airport. Excellent.

The jalapeños were also quite good but as I ate I was starting to sweat badly from the very spicy peppers. These are not knock-offs. I managed to down a few glasses of wine from this lunch to say the least…

This was an excellent meal for an airport restaurant. Frankly this is one of the best steaks I’ve eaten all year outside of Japan. If you got a bit of time in CPH, do drop in. You’ll enjoy it.

Københavns Lufthavn
Terminal 2
Kastrup, Danmark


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