Review: FT33

15 October 2014

I happily left New Mexico for Dallas, despite all the Ebola hysteria. It was odd that they were double checking identities at Albuquerque Sunport — like they were hunting people down or something. Weird… We arrived into Love Field just a bit before they airlifted one of the patients to Georgia. I had little worry, even as my taxi driver was from Liberia. Fear is the real problem here…

I chilled at my hotel for a bit knowing this was the last night of this trip that has not gone according to plans. And after a few days of sub-standard food, I was looking forward to dinner at FT33, a much raved-about restaurant in Dallas.

FT33 was within walking distance so I walked there — despite what looked like a water main break (and a flooded street) en route. The restaurant was a chic eatery with lots of trendy types, and more than a few larger tables. I was happily in a hightop near the bar and ordered a cocktail. Nice way to start things off…

I looked at the menu and it was a bit strange. Just listing ingredients and some don’t look harmonised at all. And in many dishes there seemed to be no focal item. And when I asked my server about local sourced items, he recommeded the vegetarian stuff. Sigh… I ordered and just tried to enjoy the drinking…

My first dish of the night was focused on local pears and chicken liver mousse.


Well, this was a total mess in reality. There was little congruence, just like a bunch of local ingredients made to look nice on a plate. The mousse didn’t do very well, tasted pretty poor to be honest. I was kinda missing the big Oscar-Meyer Braunschweiger from the supermarket… Nothing special about the pears, some of it was overplayed, and everything else just felt wee random. Not a good start, but I was expecting lots more from the main.

I switched wines and goodness it was corked…so had to send it back. They were busy with large tables (of loud bankers…geez, can’t I get away from them?!), so it took ages to get it sorted…not before the main arrived… Goodness I couldn’t get the taste of that corked wine out of my mouth…


My main course was the pork ribs, which was actually quite good. You expect good ribs in Texas, after all. The meat was cooked well, not overdone. Flavourful. The corn was a nice tough. However, the “sprinkle” of greens was probably not necessary… Seems a bit confused to be honest. But this tasted okay. The replacement wine arrived a bit through the course… Still couldn’t get that corked wine taste out of my mouth or stomach…ugh…

Up next was the dessert. Not too thrilled about being asked to order it at the same time as everything else, but… I ended up with the one focused on white chocolate. Maybe this’ll kill the taste of the corked wine…


Well, again it didn’t work. There was little congruency and it just seemed they thought a few cool ingredients would work together in some random fashion. Just seems a lot of dishes were not through out well by the chef. Execution was generally fine, but this is one time I blame the head chef for flawed vision.

Nevertheless I stayed for quite awhile afterwards drinking, having moved to the bar. I enjoyed chatting with the bar staff far more than the food, and they were very good at what they did. Frankly this place is better as a cocktail bar than a restaurant.

Eventually I stumbled back to my hotel, thanking the stars that this trip is finally over and I’ll be in my own bed tomorrow night, eating foods that I cook myself. Good stuff in Jackson, especially Parlor Market, and in Little Rock, at One Eleven at the Capital, but for the most part this trip was not a great food experience at all…

What a shame.

1617 Hi Line Drive
Dallas, Texas


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