Review: Persimmon

25 March 2017

I have a soft spot for Rhode Island, despite how crummy parts of it seems to be. Flying into Providence I always like to play Providence by King Crimson…more poignant now that my old friend John Wetton has passed… But I had a good afternoon in the misty afternoon before dinner.

I have tried to dine at Persimmon many times in the past few years, but it never worked schedule-wise in Bristol. But they’ve moved to Providence, so this time it worked out. I got there a little early and was seated. I asked the bar to make me a cocktail and they brought me a very nice Vieux Carrere…

I ordered, being hungry as I’ve not eaten all day. Chilled out for a bit then my first dish arrived — beets.


Not bad, an assortment of beets. Some smoked, but some had a really stringy consistency. Nevertheless a nice start. I decided not to do a tasting and go on my own, and this seems to have worked better. Next up, risotto.


Honestly wee undercooked. This took a bit longer but it was undercooked. Oh well. Good flavour, but that was a bit of a downer. Wines running well as is service. Next up, local black bass.

03-black bass

Now this was excellent, cooked perfectly. Soft and lovely flesh, though the sauce was a little odd. Good dish. Enjoying this evening so far. And the last dish, lamb.


Oh my this was good. Confit was pretty good, but the saddle was just lovely. Fantastic lamb from Maine, soft and uncompromising. I hate boring lamb that’s been neutralised to the point you can’t taste the lamb; this was perfect. And the texture, just awesome. Fantastic closing number!

I was too full to have dessert so a nice rye and coffee later I headed out happily. Again, like my other meals in Providence in the past — like the excellent Birch and also at the underrated New Rivers — it’s been excellent. Very underrated food town! Much recommended!

99 Hope Street
Providence, Rhode Island


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