Review: Golden Harvest

2 August 2018

I got up after a good rest, a little sad that I was leaving Dunedin and the South Island already. I went out for a stroll in the cool morning, knowing every step now is a step towards the summer heat… I went back and checked out of my hotel, and then went for a coffee in The Octagon, enjoying the cool weather.

I had enough time for an early lunch before heading to the airport, so I ended up in a dimsum place called Golden Harvest not far from my hotel. Empty as it opened at 11am, but that didn’t make it run any faster… Big dining room, but I happily sat in a far corner. No carts here, just pencil and form, and I filled out my order and relaxed with some tea.

I waited, and waited…geez, it’s taking awhile. I guess everything here is done to order? Took about 20 minutes for the first set of dishes to come trickling out, but I was extremely happy having waited. First up, the beef tendon…

1-spicy beef tendon

You don’t get this too often, and this was delicious! I love the flavours here, the spice brought out the collagen so well in the tendon. Love it! At the same time the pig tripe also came out…

2-pepper pork tripe

This was fantastic as well! Lovely pepper sauce worked magic here. I’m frankly blown away so far…

3-pork shumai

The pork shumai was of excellent quality, very meaty and juicy. And then the chive dumplings…


Solid. I usually don’t like them fried like this, but it worked out very well. Wow. And finally, some steamed fish balls…

5-dish balls

Well, what can you say, fish balls are fish balls. I love eating them — it’s one of my guilty pleasures as I can’t stop if I have a supply of them…

I was extremely blown away by this selection. This was far better than the dimsum trio I had a few months ago in Boston, Montreal and Toronto. In fact, this may be the best set of dimsum I’ve had in years, even including my last trip to Hong Kong. And this is Dunedin, New Zealand — where there’s no land between you and Antarctica!

I was so enjoying this I decided to order 2 more items…may have been a mistake, as it took over 20 minutes for it to come out, and I was starting to run out of time to get back to my hotel for my airport ride… And the quality was nowhere near the same, sadly…

6-beef shumai

The beef shumai was also substantial and meaty, but nowhere as good as the pork shumai (as it always seems to be the case anywhere in the world). Then finally the steamed glutinous dumplings…

7-glutinous dumplings

This was a total disaster. The wrapping came apart any attempt to lift this. Often this is the case, but this was a spectacular disaster as it just shredded. Needless to say I ended up just eating the filling from out of the steam tray and abandoned a lot of it.

I had to, as I was running very late now. I asked for the bill and I paid, and they never brought my change. I had no time to look for them, so I just headed out the door. A terrible ending to what started as a fabulous dimsum meal. Sigh, too bad. But can’t risk missing my shuttle, so…

Golden Harvest
217 George Street
Dunedin, New Zealand

* I did make my shuttle and got to Dunedin Airport with time to spare for my flight. I even saw this in the loo…lol…


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