Review #3: Parlor Market

13 April 2018

The previous day my adventuring took me around Louisiana that closed with a nice dinner at Louisiana Lagniappe in Baton Rouge. Today my journey takes me up the Mississippi River into the state of the same name, exploring places like Natchez and Vicksburg. The weather was rather pleasant, but I kept trying to re-work my plans as some nasty stuff was rolling into the region.

I got to Jackson mid-afternoon, back to a city that few visit but I truly enjoy. I think it’s a misunderstood town, especially the slowly but surely revitalising downtown. It’s not been an easy process, but it’s moving the right way. And I returned for my 3rd visit to the anchor of this revitalisation, Parlor Market.

I sat down at the bar on a busy Friday night in the same seat I was my first visit here a few years back. I looked at the menu and noticed hmmm…there were quite a few more Italian items than previous visits. I asked as I got my drink, and apparently the restaurant was sold to new owners — who happens to also own the popular Walker’s Drive-In (which I visited a few years ago and had an excellent meal).

In any case, the place was still nice and busy, especially the bar. I relaxed with a good cocktail and soon my starter arrived — and I smiled.


These oysters were happily accentuated by calabrian chillies. I usually don’t like my oysters messed with, but these were just scruptious! I could have eaten another half dozen of these things, fabulous! That kick is really the best part, perfect with my strong cocktail!

So far so good, even better than my last visit! Then after a little, and another drink, my main course arrived…


Oh my was this duck dish fantastic. The confit was very nice, but the breast was one of the best I’ve had in many, many years. It was so tender and flavourful, not a single bit of stringiness you get with ducks sometimes. So a wonderfully sourced duck was cooked perfectly. As a duck connoisseur who consumes a fair bit of these fowls, when I cheer one on so much it’s pretty serious… I’ve had far less good duck at 3 Michelin and World’s 50 Best places, easily.

I was really happy with this evening, and despite all the food, I was having fun, so went with a dessert — a wonderful olive oil cake.

3-olive oil cake

I do enjoy these things despite how some feel about it. Tasty, a little bit of that Italian menu switch that the new owners apparently are putting in. But frankly the duck shows the execution is even better than ever, whatever they choose to do with the menu direction.

I was still having fun, and wanted one last drink before the road…so I got one, and…well…I ordered another serving of the oysters

I just had to… Had a great evening chatting with the friendly staff before I sadly had to head out. The entire way back to my hotel I was thinking of that duck…wow. Usually I’d be going on and on about the oysters because they were good enough for me to have an encore, but that duck… Will definitely make one of the 10 dishes of 2018 (if I ever get to do another one).

Totally recommended, even if you are in NOLA. It’s a few hours drive north, and the food is better and less pretentious. With this place continuing to anchor the downtown revitalisation, I can see a bright future for this place. I know I’d rather come here than NOLA any day!

Parlor Market
115 West Capitol Street
Jackson, Mississippi


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