Review: Trenasse

11 April 2018

I headed to the airport at what my friend Simon Majumdar would often call “stupid hour” for a flight to New Orleans, which first stopped in Houston. At least that allowed me to catch up on a little sleep, but it also brought me into NOLA quite early. My room wasn’t quite ready at the InterContinental, but kudos to them for making it easy and actually gave me a room earlier than I expected. Maybe it’s time to quit Hilton…

But as I waited, I dropped into the hotel’s cajun restaurant for lunch, Trenasse. It got quite busy quickly, which is quite interesting. I ordered a few small plates and soon a tasty sazerac was in my hand. Yeah, early, but… Then the food appeared quickly…

boudin ball

The boudin balls were pretty lame to be honest… Then the buffalo frog legs…

buffalo frog legs

These were pretty good, though not sure where they source these frogs as they are quite neutral. I really miss the froggies in Cambodia… Then the last item was chilli shrimp.

chilli shrimp

Again, very boring. But what can you expect from a casual hotel restaurant that’s full of tourists and locals needing a quick lunch? But as I was finishing my coffee the front desk called me to say the room was ready, so I guess it did its job! Can’t ask for much more at this point…

InterContinental New Orleans
444 Saint Charles Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana


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