Review: Gabrielle Restaurant

11 April 2018

Even with that lacklustre lunch at Trenasse, I managed a little time to catch my breath but also to do a few things I had planned — which was made far, far more difficult by the absolutely disastrously failing streetcar system…how the locals get to work on this useless system is beyond me…

Later that evening I headed out to dinner somewhere I had never expected to be able to visit. I had put Gabrielle on my list back during my first visit to NOLA ages ago, before Katrina. The restaurant was devastated, as much of the region was, and it wasn’t until last year when the project was resurrected. I was certainly happy about that, and made sure it was top of my list this trip.

I got there by Lyft on a quiet early evening and perched my position at the bar, where I had a wonderful evening conversing with staff and fellow patrons alike, especially the jovial bartender Marsh (yes, that’s his name). The cocktails flowed, and soon my starter arrived. And please, do not judge…

1-rabbit belly

Ponce de lapin, a rare treat. The rabbit’s belly is stuffed with rabbit tenderloin. Well, you know rabbits are not particularly fatty, so it wasn’t as interesting as you may imagine. But a nice start, tasting contrasting cuts of a rarely-served meat. And yes, I love bunnies too, but try to compartmentalise!

Another cocktail later and my main arrived — the pork chop.


Done very nicely, albeit a little too trimmed. The mash was extremely rich, and the cheese-stuffed fried pepper was quite delicious. Good stuff. By now the place was absolutely hopping and earlier concerns about it being a slow night was consigned to memory.

I was full so decided against a dessert. However, I had a few liquid desserts before I headed out. I thanked the wonderful team there and hopped onto my Lyft back to my hotel. Gabrielle is quite good, not mind-blowing, but it was definitely a good one. As I mentioned I’ve had some bad luck with food in NOLA in the past, so it’s always good when things turn out well.

Wonderful crew there, glad they are back. Recommended.

Gabrielle Restaurant
2441 Orleans Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana


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