Review: Pallet

11 September 2017

I headed out to Salt Lake City for the first time since the early 1990s…it’s been way, way too long. I arrived on a balmy evening, thanking the fates my rental car had AC. The last time I was here was a 100F+ summer day in a car with no air conditioning, with Lake Stink on full blast…

I had looked at a few options for dinner, but not knowing flight delay or car issues I didn’t book in advance. I called Pallet, one of the place I wanted to check out, and they were good so I drove there. It was half way to my hotel anyway.

I got to the dark eatery and took a place at the bar. Already I like it, and breaks every stereotype of a Utah bar you may have. Once I got a cocktail into my hands I felt relaxed, and Bijan, who does the bar programme there, took good care of my drinking needs all night.

I enjoyed my drink and ordered some food, and chilled out. Good to be here on the first leg of a multi-leg birthday trip that will take me across the threshold to visit all 50 states. Just as I got into my second drink my starter arrived, the pea gazpacho.

01-pea gazpacho_edited

Well, it’s deconstructed to say the least, and Bijan told me the same. Very tasty, though I wish there was a little more of the gazpacho itself as it needed a little more moisture. The pickled roots were nice but the peas were just wonderful. The acid balance worked, so I was pretty happy. Good start!

With my main I asked my bartender to make me something off the menu, so he obliged — and it arrived with this beauty, the lamb ribs.

02-lamb ribs

I love it when lamb tasted of lamb, not some watered-down version that taste like mystery meat that most producers seem to want to do. Lovely, rich lamb here, with some nice cauliflower and radish, all over a bed of very nicely done couscous. An excellent dish!

I chilled out, reflecting on a very good first meal in Utah since 1993, and sipped on a local amaro of all things. Yes, there’s a local amaro maker, to my surprise. The cocktails have all been excellent, and that obviously dispels one of the first misconceptions of Utah — bad drinks. Awesome dinner.

I headed out really happy, but tired and starting to feel the elevation. I always do once I have a bit of booze. I have a long, long day tomorrow so just need to collapse… But it’s good to be back, hello Utah!

237 South 400 West
Salt Lake City, Utah


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