Review: A Casa do Porco

17 July 2017

After that utterly awful dinner at Rodeio I was losing heart. Brazil is getting on my nerves already, the annoying attitude that tourists are there to be taken advantage of instead of being courted. Sigh… In any case it was my last full day in São Paulo so I wanted to make most of it.

The morning took me to explore Cemitério da Consolação, the city’s key cemetery. It’s certainly nowhere as nice as its counterpart in Santiago… I then walked into downtown and explored the centre a bit. The Igreja Nossa Senhora da Consolação was looking nice on this sunny day.

Aside from that my main destination was somewhere I knew I may have to wait in line even on a Monday, A Casa do Porco.

This was well-known as a temple for porcine goodness, and I was not gonna miss it. I got there at about 20 minutes before midday and there were already folks waiting — local and tourists (both domestic and foreign). I forget there is a huge domestic tourism market here in Brazil…

But the door finally opened and I was seated at the bar. I decided to challenge myself and try to speak to the staff in Portuguese only and it seemed to have worked. I ended up having some wine and going for the tasting — despite being lunch-time. Why not, eh?

And just as I was sipping on some wine the procession began, and I smiled…


Some charcuterie appeared, house-crafted ham and head… Excellent stuff. Bread, mustard and pickled veg on the side. Nice start! Then quickly things moved ahead…


Oh my…this was a fantastic pork tartar (yes, you read that right), with an amazing flavour. Then there’s the jowl sushi…

02-03b-jowl sushi

Oh goodness this was just blinding good. Just awesome…not sure if I can say more, but. Remember, São Paulo has the largest community of Japanese outside of Japan… I was in heaven…

And it kept going with the next pair, first some sanguiça that’s far better than last night’s morcela mess.


The pork belly was just dreamy, with a lettuce wrap. Oh damn this is good! I was smiling as much as the many pig figurines that adorn this place! This is a temple of happiness! It’s like variation of that other temple of porcine goodness, Butagumi, in Tokyo


Sipped more wine and the next set appeared. BTW this is coming in twos is because I am dining alone, as others doing the tasting are getting them item by item. This is a very delicious (and burning hot) croqueta filled with pulled pork Wow…


And behind that is a drool-inducing belly bao…oh damn this is fabulous. Excellent quality of the bun as well. Wow…I keep saying wow…

More wine and this place was now rocking. And the staff is amazingly efficient. Compared to last night, this is a well-oiled machine! Next up was some chopped pork in a piss-take on pork and beans — with quail egg, which was very tasty…

08-09a-pork and beans-pancetta

And the fried pancetta…it’s just so wrong…so, so wrong… :))))))

Fabulous stuff. I can’t believe this all cost a fraction of last night’s disaster! Then finally we reach the epic end of all this…

10b-Porco San Zé

Oh my, porco San Zé…this suckling pig…this is what they are famous for. The skin just heavenly, the meat perfect. One of the best suckling pig dishes I’ve had in a restaurant. Almost got teary over this…

My goodness. I was stuffed. This was so damn good I almost wanted to come back for dinner. Alas, I have a reservation at D.O.M. so this will have to remain a dream that I live vicariously thru by re-reading this review…

I headed out and it was actually a bit warm… Missing the snow just about now! I walked around a bit more before deciding to take the Metro back — since the walk was mostly uphill. And plus, it was a chance to check out the Metro here since I had no other use for it all trip long. But even as I got back to my hotel all I could think about was that pork…oh my!

Happy again! A MUST in São Paulo!!!

A Casa do Porco
Rua Araújo 124, República
São Paulo, Brasil

* I really do recommend you follow their Instagram feed…it’ll wreck any diet you have and make you want to jump on a flight south ASAP…


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