Review: Tordesilhas

16 July 2017

I woke up a little later than planned, but got some extra sleep. Still enjoying that excellent dinner last night at Tuju. It was a quiet Sunday morning in this São Paulo neighbourhood, and I wasn’t going to wander too far today. It was certainly not snowing here like yesterday in Santiago…

I walked around a bit, not realising how hilly this area is. Up and down hills are fine, but when the slopes are sidewards it really puts a strain on my joints… Plus the pavements aren’t all that great. In any case, I eventually got to where I planned to have lunch, Tordesilhas.

They had just opened at midday and it was quiet — apparently I was on the early side. This is an old-school place you can see quickly. I took a seat next to the window and the bright sun was blazing even through them. I ordered a glass of wine and enquired about the tasting menu, but alas only for dinner. So I ordered normally.

Chilled out for a bit to enjoy the wine and people watch out the window, but soon my starter arrived.


First up was the casquinha de siri, which is stuffed crab. Excellent, lovely flavours, a generous portion of the good stuff. The wine flowed very well too, although it’s Spanish. Enjoyable. Then soon after my starter arrived.


This is the grilled pirarucu, the legendary fish of the Amazon.. Quite excellent, and the palm hearts are just a joy to have…love these things. The vegetables were nice with the excellent broth. Pretty enjoyable I must say!


I chilled out and decided to have some fruits as a dessert…and it’s certainly a better selection than the really sad plate I had at Soby’s a few days earlier!

Generally a good lunch, I enjoyed it. I headed out pretty happy. A bit of a long walk in the neighbourhood but the hilly terrain somehow did something to my left knee, and it was really starting to bother me, so I headed back in on this lazy Sunday…

Alameda Tietê 489, Jardins
São Paulo, Brasil


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