An ‘Offaly’ Good Time in Santiago…

12-14 July 2017

Recalling when I first arrived into Santiago on the Wednesday morning, I enjoyed a nice hike around the Cerra Santa Lucia, checking out the Fuente de Neptuno and Castillo Hidalgo. Lovely views from atop, although some of the paths were on the dangerous side…

I then walked along Providencia north-east for quite a long way just to take in the city and the people moving around during the morning hours, eventually arriving at my destination quite a bit aways for what I thought would be an early lunch. But I arrived at Liguria to be told they weren’t serving their full menu until 1230. Great… Wandered and chilled out at a park next to the Mapocho River that ran through the city for a bit and eventually went back and was seated at the legendary eatery.


It started to fill up as I ordered some wine and a simple hearty dish of callitos madrileños. My readers know I love offal, so this was perfect, with sausages and a hearty sauce that worked well with the bread. After that long flight I wasn’t overly hungry so this did very well. A nice place to hang out, I can see why people like it.

As you read earlier, I had a wonderful dinner at Peumayén that evening and drank myself stupid…and was in no mood for lunch the next day. The dinner at Bocanáriz, as I also wrote, was quite nice. So for my final day in Santiago I wanted a big ol’ lunch.

I spent the morning trekking through the historic Cementerio General, which is one of the most beautiful cemeteries I’ve been too. One of those places you can just get lost in, just admiring the beautiful graves and mausolea. Hours of that and I was hungry, and I took the Metro towards the main train station — which was a zoo, as you can imagine on a Friday afternoon…

I walked a few blocks away from Estación Central and found my destination — El Hoyo. I’ve read some interesting things about this place, beloved by locals but few foreigners have discovered. Exactly what I like. I ordered a beer and something I’m dying to have — tongue. In this case a 1/2 order, knowing how sizes are…


Well, the 1/2 order is literally half a tongue…wow, this was huge, but it was so amazingly good. It almost melts in your mouth, but does NOT lose the consistency you know that is tongue. One of the best-cooked tongue I’ve had in my life, and I’ve had many believe me. Amazing flavour. So good… I can literally eat this all day and every day…

I finished the whole thing and was a happy and bloated chappie as I fought my way back thru the Friday zoo that is Estación Central to the Metro and back to the hotel. I am so loving Santiago so far…even the most simple of places are awesome…

I’ve certainly got my offal fix so far on this trip! And don’t forget the beautiful offal at Peumayén too!

Liguia is nice but El Hoyo is heavily recommended!

Avenida Providencia 1353, Providencia

El Hoyo
San Vicente 375
Santiago, Chile


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