Review: Bocanáriz

13 July 2017

Ugh…drank way too much the previous night. The crazy drinking, plus the lack of sleep from the red-eye flight, turned me into a zombie…I actually didn’t get out of bed until the afternoon…crap… A wasted day, but I needed the rest. I felt more like a human being in the afternoon.

Strolling around the area during the afternoon was all I was capable of doing, but at least I’m not hungover — which is a shock. Dinner tonight is at the much-lauded winebar/restaurant Bocanáriz.

My liver fluttered as I got to Bocanáriz since it’s just next door to Chipe Libre, the source of my excess last night…

Shuddered for a second and walked in. I chilled out, ordered some wine and looked over the menu and smiled. I ordered and took in the chilled environment…ah, Santiago, I can really get used to spending more time here. I love the feel of this town…

Soon my first course arrived, and it was a nice one…


A nice urchin dish, done in the usual South American acid fashion. Not bad, a generous helping to be sure. I enjoyed that. More wine, and soon the main course arrived.


The pulmay de la casa — an excellent stew of pork and seafood. Lovely broth and some very tasty ingredients. The fish was especially nice. A really nice, rustic dish to have for a South American winter with good local wines! I was enjoying myself so much when they asked if I wanted dessert I said yes and ordered — and was greeted with a smirk…

I had more wine before my dessert arrived…


Yeah, why not, right? A dozen locals, 4 oysters per type. I actually got way more because they had a cluster that had 4 oysters growing together. Not really shucked, so had to do it myself, but they were very tasty. What a great dessert!

I was now too full and didn’t want to push the drinking having drank the equivalent of a bottle by now, so called it a night. I can see why people like this place and why it has so much buzz!

I walked back to my hotel — a lot smoother than last night’s walk-of-semi-shame… Anyway, highly recommended! Again, I am loving Santiago!

José Victorino Lastarria 276
Santiago, Chile


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