Review: Soby’s

10 July 2017

It was a long day of travelling that eventually got me to Greenville, South Carolina. Pushed thru some bad weather and worse traffic thanks to some poorly-planned construction, but it was beautiful when I arrived. I headed to dinner, exausted and hungry (not eaten all day).

Dinner tonight was at the much-heralded Soby’s. Chilled out when I got there. Ordered a cocktail and then the food. Smooth sailing so far before the first item arrived.


Some nice fried oysters. Not bad, advertised as “Nashville” style whatever that means (hot chicken-ish I guess). Mild. Not bad. Then the second, the she-crab soup.

2-she crab soup

Not bad, but wee salty. Not as strong as I would have liked, but it’s doable. Then the main.

3-pork chop

I ordered the pork chop special. Not bad, but the lentils were absolutely awful underneath. Meat done pretty well, a so-so dish I guess. But nowhere as good as many recent pork dishes, especially in Iowa.

I chilled and decided since I was rather full I would only go with the fruit and berry plate…

4-fruit and berries

…and this is what came. WTF. This was a plate for a bunny! A bunny would be happy with the nanas, but this prolly cost them 80 cents of fruits. Plus the mutilated oranges. I sent it back…

The apologised and ended up comping me a sorbet that I basically abandoned. Lost my appetite… Oh well…

This didn’t work as I had hoped, not at all. I left disappointed. I thought this would be a good one, but…sigh…

I’ll drive pass this town next trip I guess… Not a great way to start a nearly 3-week trip…

207 South Main Street
Greenville, South Carolina


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