Review: Boiler Room

7 June 2017

I began a pretty long trip that would take me across the US and back, the main part of it going to Seattle to see the first few King Crimson concerts. But with some time, I took advantage of airlines that do one-way ticketing to create stops en route. The first stop brought me to Omaha, Nebraska — where I’ve not been in over 2 decades.

The city has certainly changed. I got in late afternoon and wandered around a little before settling into dinner at a cool little place called the Boiler Room. I knew this was a sign when this showed up on my drinks menu…

menu - 02

Yeah, I’m going cross-country for a King Crimson concert so I had to order it…


Not bad, perhaps just a little sweet for me, but not bad at all. Coincidental or a sign? Anyway, I ordered my dinner in the meantime and chilled. Nice bar (I chose to sit at the bar) and enjoyed chatting with the bartender all night, as well as some fellow patrons. Soon the starter arrived.

1-tongue pastrami

Mmm, a rather flavourful rendition of a pastrami pork tongue. Nice texture, lovely flavour here. A really nice start! Then the main course, the pork shoulder…

2-pork shoulder

First of all I apologise as the camera refused to focus correctly for some reason. But damn this was good. Juicy, tender pork that was cooked perfectly, bringing out the very best of the excellent meat. And on the side was a cute and delicious piece of belly with some green strawberries. A fabulous dish!

I was a bit too full for a dessert, so had a liquid one. A very long list, and I went with an armagnac. Amazing how much Omaha has changed. My expectations for this part of the trip has increased dramatically! A great start!

Highly recommended if you are in Omaha — for food, drinks, or anything else!

Boiler Room
1110 Jones Street
Omaha, Nebraska

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