Review: Nudel

24 May 2017

I got the hell out of that disgusting hotel in Fishkill and headed out north, exploring a few other places along the Hudson. Checked out some historic churches and cemeteries, and did a bit of hiking later in the day in the Berkshires as I crossed into Massachusetts.

I was totally knackered by the end of the day as I found a nice place to stay in Lee. I decided to go to a place in nearby Lenox for dinner called Nudel. Got there and chose to take the counter.

I enjoyed a glass of wine as I watched them work — and I tried not to laugh when a rather unsophisticated diner at a table couldn’t understand her food and tried asking for all sorts of odd substitutions…seriously just go to Applebee’s if you’re gonna not want this or that…

I ordered and chef then asked if he could flip the main first and the starter second, as that affects cooking time. I’m game, since he said the portions were about the same. Why not. And not too long later the “main” arrived — skate wing.

1-skate wing

A nice piece of fried skate wing, quite a large portion. A salad type of dish so I feel better. The fiddleheads were a nice and much-liked surprise, and the fish was delicious. Excellent. Then I relaxed with some wine before my “starter” arrived…

2-duck confit

Now this is an excellent duck confit. Again perfect execution — awesome crispy skin, and extremely delicious meat. Fabulous stuff. Two days of excellent duck, following that excellent breast at The Vault in Beacon

Unfortunately none of the desserts grabbed my attention and they don’t have a full liquor license nor dessert wines I decided to head out. A nice place, definitely worth dropping in anywhere in this corner of Massachusetts!

37 Church Street
Lenox, Massachusetts

PS: Unfortunately my saga just began as some Masshole had parked in a way that I was stuck. I went to 6 nearby establishments looking for the moron but no go. The closest restaurant, Zinc Bistro, was extremely helpful and encourage me to call the cops. And with the help of a wonderful officer from the Lenox Police Department he guided me onto the sidewalk all the way down the street until there was enough of a gap in the roadside barriers to sneak back onto the road. That got me back to Lee for the night, and a last day of trekking through the rather wet Berkshires before heading into Springfield and soon after a late flight home — that was unfortunately very delayed. Landed just before midnight and I sprinted to the last train and got home… Yes, all while ill.


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