Review: The Vault

23 May 2017

I had planned a really short trip through the Hudson Valley into the Berkshires just before Memorial Day, and I wasn’t gonna let illness stop me (long story). I flew to Hartford first thing in the morning and hopped in a car and headed over the border and spent a day along the Hudson Valley, doing some hiking, exploring, and cemetery trekking.

A long day later I was tired. I had stopped in Fishkill, one of the great towns in the area best known for its prisons… Nevertheless I found a place I wanted to have dinner at called The Vault in the nearby town of Beacon — just over the Hudson River from that mess of a town called Newburgh.

I got to The Vault and decided to sit inside, unlike most of the patrons. I spent a long day outdoors, I didn’t need more of that for now so was happy to enjoy the air conditioned interior. I looked over the menu over a cocktail and made my decision. Chilled out in the pretty nice place before my first course arrived.


Some beets and goat cheese. So-so, and the cream was a little unnecessary. An okay start. Then the second course, the pork belly.

2-pork belly

Done quite well, extremely crispy on top and tender (and not dry) on the bottom. It was all the other stuff on it that was utterly unnecessary, that actually damaged the dish. Trying too hard, but when you do the main ingredient well and it’s sources well…why bother? Anyway…

I switched to wine and the main course arrived, the duck and risotto.


The risotto was okay, nothing special. But the duck was very nice, a rather fatty one — which is perfectly fine with me. Cooked very well again, with crispy skin but juicy meat. Excellent execution for the roasted meats for both dishes I must say.

I was nice and full and have a very early morning tomorrow, but my hotel in Fishkill was a total disgusting mess, so reluctantly I headed back and just tried to get some much-needed sleep. But at least I fuelled up nicely for tomorrow.

The Vault
446 Main Street
Beacon, New York


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