Review: Coperta

17 May 2017

Thanks to the aforementioned drinking after that pretty good Acorn meal, I was running a bit slow. Not feeling well at all, but what’s new. Not much to do today except run a few errands, have lunch, and head to the airport for the flight home.

I got to lunch at Coperta at noon, and proceeded to enjoy some wine as I ordered. I asked them if the portion sizes are: “Italian, American or Colorado” — and my server said he’d like to think Italian, so I decided, with some doubt, going with all 3 courses. I enjoyed some wine before my antipasto arrived, and lo and behold it was a Colorado portion…

1-fritto misto

Fritto misto, done so-so to be honest. Not as good as the dish I had in Vilnius at Žuvinė, not by a long shot. The shrimp was nice, but the smaller items were overwhelmed by excessive batter and excessive frying. And it was rather acidic with whatever they had prepped this with. Sigh, not a good start, and way, way too big…

I tried to catch my breath, already kind of full despite not finishing that plate. When the pasta arrived I relaxed a little.


A more sensible size for this ‘nduja first, really nicely cooked. Excellent pasta, nice sauce — just enough bite. Very nice. But now I was getting really full thanks to that poor start. And when my second arrived my heart sank…definitely not “Italian” portions…

3-mixed grill

Yeah…mixed grill. The garlic sausage was not bad, but was the stuff that stuffed me at the end. I managed to finish the really nice lamb shoulder, which tasted like lamb and not some sanitised generic meat. The pork ribs were also quite good, though it took ages for me to be able to finish it…

I was stuffed beyond belief. If it wasn’t for the antipasto this would have been both an excellent and a sensible meal. So if I forget how it started, this was a really nice lunch. But I was so stuffed I feel ill… Thank goodness with my flight and all I won’t be eating again today…

I settled up and waddled back to my car in the intense Denver sun (unfortunately for me, I missed the snow by a day — it snowed the day after I left!) and headed to DIA. Not a great flight home, through surprisingly on time for Frontier, and was still stuffed by the time I got home just before 11pm…that stupid antipasto…

Coperta for me was very good, again, if I ignore how it started. I highly recommend it, but remember I took one for the team here…

400 East 20th Avenue
Denver, Colorado


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