Review: Noord

7 May 2017

I hadn’t planned on eating in Philadelphia for this quick overnight trip, as I was just in town for a memorial concert. But I decided to try Noord, a place my timing had never worked with. Lots of praise for this place over the years and I was looking forward to trying this much-loved neighbourhood Dutch cuisine magnet.

I swore when I sat down because I forgot it was BYOB. Damn it Philly, you have the most stupid licensing laws… So I just had coffee with my dinner…yeah… I ordered and chilled out. Very quickly my starter arrived.

1-mustard soup & scallop

Mustard soup with scallop and roe. Well, it’s pretty normal, nothing special. Scallop not bad, but the roe fell into the soup which wasn’t a bad thing to happen. So-so, but that’s all you can expect from the soup.

I chuckled at the menu as some of the Dutch items were interesting, but found it funny with addition of other things not quite Dutch — such as a Norwegian salmon dish written with its Finnish name. I guess only a very few would have caught that…

In any case my main, a traditional Limburg dish, arrived — konijn in het zuur — rabbit in sauerkraut.

2-braised rabbit

First of all this was the sourest sauerkraut I’ve ever had, I could feel my teeth. I’ve eaten sauerkraut in buckets over the years, from Stuttgart to hapukapsas in Estonia. Nothing like this. Was not edible to be honest. One of the probs is not having booze to help balance the acid. I picked off some of the less-damaged veggies and the meat. Overcooked for the most part, sadly. I ate it but with little joy…

I’m disappointed, but not surprised. I’ve had horrible luck with Philly places and this is no exception. I think it’s best I stay clear of this town, or just go have a cheesesteak instead…

1046 Tasker Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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