Review: Homa

28 April 2017

After that excellent tasting menu at Oxalis last night, I had big hopes for my final night in Belgrade. I had a nice lunch and a quieter-than-planned day due to trying to ensure things in Macedonia didn’t go bonkers when I head there tomorrow. In any case, I hopped on a tram and headed off to tonight’s destination, Homa.

Compared to last night’s take — which was humble and simple — Homa is quite different. You can see far more flare here, and a location that is far more upscale. Let’s see if the kitchen can match last night’s excellent cooking.

I sat down and relaxed with a nice martini, as the service was already top-notch. I happily went with the tasting again and they let me chill with my martini for a bit. Then, with a pour of a local sparkling rosé, we started straight into the menu, which surprised me a little.


This was kajmak, a sour-ish cream that is ubiquitous from the Balkans to Central Asia. Nice mixture, from the fritters to the nice addition of truffle. Nice start. Next up was their take on the Caprese.


The star of this dish are the tomatoes, which were nice in several different forms. Nice bit of basil, as well as goat cheese. Nice stuff so far. A new wine was presented, a nice riesling as we moved into larger items.


This is the ombrina, or shi drum, a fish favoured in the Mediterranean area. Tasty, cooked well, with some nice usage of zucchini and parsnips. Enjoying this very much tonight, certainly living up to their reputation. Again, a very different experience than last night, both excellent. Then a pour of a local chardonnay and we have the pasta dish.


A bit of a hit and miss for me here. The squid was of good quality and the flavour really nice, but the pasta was somewhat undercooked for me. One great thing was using this broth for the bread! Tasty! Then a rather nice-looking palate cleanser…


Tasty too, a cherry sorbet with rose foam. Then a pour of the uniquely Serbian prokupac we moved into the meats with pork neck.

05-pork neck_edited

Pretty good stuff, lovely flavours with a touch of tea. Good meat, though perhaps not as nice as the veal neck from last night. But solid stuff. We then switch to a cab, another solid pour, and then the tongue.


A lot of this plate, and unfortunately the tongue didn’t taste of good quality and was quite overseasoned. The mustard gelato tempered it a bit, as the marrow jus was strong. Had run out of bread and didn’t want more as it would have been too filling, but probably should have as it would have been spot on.

This was the end of the savoury portion of the tasting menu. Not as good as last night, but pretty good. I’m pretty impressed, as few people think of tasting menus when they think of Serbia. A pour of a nice furmint and we move to the first dessert.

07-lemon tart

A very nice lemon tart, with elderflower and other additions. A nice transition to the second dessert, which made me smile when it appeared.


Maybe it’s me but I think it’s cute. Tasty too, lovely chocolate. An overall pretty balanced dinner, a few minor hiccups but of good quality. It was probably 3x more expensive than last night, but still reasonable for this type of a menu. I enjoyed it.

I still liked last night’s dinner better, but this was also very good. The service here is spot on, clearly one of the best FoH in the country. I enjoyed a quick drink before wandering into the beautiful evening. Oh, and I said goodbye to the cute tree in the middle of the dining room.

Yeah, this town has really grown on me. This is why I like Belgrade. I’m sad to actually leave, but off to Skopje… I’ll be back tho. Thank you, Serbia!

Žorža Klemansoa 19
Beograd, Srbija


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