Review: Rosenstein

22 April 2017

I barely slept thanks to the growing jetlag…it always gets worst for me around day 4 it seems… Nevertheless I dragged myself up as I had a lot to do, especially now feeling this is the last time I’ll ever come to Budapest. So I wanted to revisit both Kerepesi and Farkasréti cemeteries — two of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe.

But that meant a crap load of walking as they are both large. And since they were across town from each other, my joints could just stiffen badly on the long trek between them. I was knackered when I was done, so I wanted some lunch. I couldn’t get a booking at the popular restaurant near Keleti Station, Rosenstein, when I asked, but will try a walk-in.

Luckily people were just finishing up, so they gave me a table. Ordered some wine and a first course, just to see how much room I had for another. This came very quickly.


Mmmm…this was delicious! Carp soup with not just roe but milt, as well as maw. Just awesome stuff. Best thing I ate in all of Budapest to be honest! I was happy enough to order another dish. At first I thought of the mangalica, but I thought it rather odd to eat pork at a Jewish restaurant on a Saturday (it’s on the menu tho!), so went with the venison.

Took awhile, but it showed up looking good…


Tasty stuff, good meat. The veggies were also very good. Enjoyed it, and it filled me up just perfectly. I thanked them and headed on out for the walk back to the hotel. Oh my feet, but this was a nice surprise.

I’d recommend this place, but do make sure you book early — it’s extremely popular with locals!

Mosonyi utca 3
Budapest, Magyarország


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