Review: Field

19 April 2017

I had made my way to Prague the next day with a rather ugly hangover…stayed way too long last night drinking after that wonderful meal at Seven Swans. Nevertheless, was good to be in Prague again. I needed a wee kip so managed to do that until I had to meet a dear old friend for a few drinks. Those moments are just priceless…

Anyway, afterwards I headed to dinner at recently-awarded 1-Michelin eatery Field in the Old Town. Ran a little late but table was welcoming, and the martini was good enough as I went through the menu. I reluctantly went with an ala carte menu as some dishes looked extremely tempting, so I chose my items and chilled.

Enjoyed the cocktail as a series of amuse bouche was presented…


Generally pretty good, the cod roll with roe was nice but the duck liver and cherry was probably the best of the lot. So far not bad.

I had asked for a pairing for each of the forthcoming 3 courses and they were all generous pours, so that was much appreciated. First dish was the cold starter, and my choice was the aged beef.


Honestly rather bland, nothing really stood out, which was too bad; it almost seemed it was a completely different line that put the amuse series together. If anything the usage of cream was a little excessive (some of it was hidden by the “hay”). The broth was nice, where you really enjoyed a strong mushroom essence. But the “hay” on top did not really help. Anyway, a rather meh dish, let’s see what the second — the warm starter — brings.


Crayfish with nettle. I have to say this was a bit of a surprise, as we got a nice serving of wakame and samphire. This would have been an awesome dish if it wasn’t for the sour cream overdose. It just ate into all the other flavours. You really don’t want a dish dominated by sour cream when you have good things like on this plate. Oh well…

Was a little disappointed so far but the drinks were nice. I was chilled out and the main course arrived, and I had good expectations as the server really upsold this item — and it was featured in the tasting menu too, the heifer.


Well, it was disappointing. The rib was overcooked, bland — again! In such contrast with the amuse segment! And the unintended green crust didn’t help but add an annoying layer of misplaced texture. Compared to that amazing rib from last night in Frankfurt, it was not even close, despite both being 1-Michelin… And the tongue? It was so over-flavoured you’ve lost the unique taste of tongue. It could have been tofu as far as I could tell. This was disappointing…

I hinted to my server that the dish didn’t really work for me, I really wish they didn’t end up comping me an after-dinner drink (I bought a second round to not seem like a moocher); however, the server turned stone cold after that point, borderline unfriendly. Didn’t really appreciate that. I ended up moving to the bar to have a last drink because of that, and the server did not acknowledge me once despite walking past me multiple times. What is with this attitude? Sulk instead of taking constructive criticism? A great reason why this place should not have gotten their Michelin star.

I wonder if this place believed its post-Michelin hype too much, because this was really not Michelin quality to be honest. It’s not bad, but so are scores of other places in Prague. But compared to places all over central-east Europe that don’t have stars, this place doesn’t even reach those levels, and insults so many other kitchens and FoHs that break their backs on a daily basis to improve just to touch that one star.

A great example of how subjective, and often off, Michelin is. You can do much better in Prague, and so can this place.

U Milosrdných 12
Praha, Česko


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