Review: Miyaba

8 March 2017

I woke up in a bit of pain and my knee was purple, but oh well…the sun is out today for my final full day in Tokyo. A bit melancholic because of that, but it’s been fun. I headed out towards Hamamatsucho for my lunch today — another sushi meal, third in a row.

Today’s destination is another highly-rated sushiya on Tabelog, Miyaba. A bit old-school, cash-only place conveniently near a busy railway station. I got there as it opened and wasn’t very busy at 11.30am as we went into the sushi course. They seem to have a limited course for lunch, but I soon forgot that when the first piece came out…

01-baby tuna

Wow, this baby tuna was just gorgeous, melt-in-your-mouth stuff. Lovely. Then another treat, some wild hon-maguro (bluefin)…


Wow again, lovely stuff. Felt a little guily about this, but it was delicious. Then some hirame (flounder).


A bit back down to earth, but good. So far much better than the sushi at either Umi last night or Ichiyanagi for lunch yesterday. Next up, hiramasa (wild yellowtail).


Ugh, really hard. What is going on with the yellowtails? Yesterday’s kampachi was dreadful, now this… Anyway, then we get a marinated katsuo (bonito).


Ah, much better than yesterday’s mess. In fact, it was very tasty. Next up, sayuri (halfbeak).


A bit too much ginger here, it robbed the fish of its natural flavour. I’m never a big ginger fan, I only use it as a palate cleanser. This just took out the fish, sadly… Next up, kohada (gizzard shad).


A susprisingly good piece, I’m amazed I actually noted this fish I usually find boring (and for visuals only). But this was excellent. Then some uni.


Tasty stuff, then already some eel…


Geez, are we done? Good, but I guess that’s it? No wonder it was so (relatively) cheap. Then a closing set of rolls…


Frankly I was happy with this lunch. This is a place I like to come back for a dinner course, as the fish has been good and the sushi-making was good. Old school and it worked well. I had some errands to run out in Odaiba, so I didn’t ask for more pieces.

I headed out pretty happy, finally a good sushi meal out of the last 3-in-a-row. Recommended, but remember it’s cash only! Would be excellent for a cheeky last lunch if you fly out of Haneda (the Monorail to the airport is just steps away).

Miyaba [宮葉]
2-11-8 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan


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