Review #4: Butagumi

3 March 2017

I was indeed a bit hungover from the cocktails at Bar High Five last night, but felt okay. If anything it was more the creeping jetlag. It’s easier to travel east-to-west long-haul when we talk jetlag, but it usually creeps up on day 3 for me, so I’m dreading it.

I headed out knowing I have a very busy afternoon, but before then I had to revisit another place that is a must on every trip to Tokyo — Butagumi. The temple of pork. The annoying climb out of Roppongi station and the long walk to Nishi-azabu, but it’s all worth it

I went through the menu and they seem to have a more limited selection than usual, which is the norm for lunch. But I went with the dish I always wanted to try — the pork belly from a rare breed from Hyogo Prefecture…

I chilled out with some beer and eventually it arrived…mmm…I so missed this…


With cabbage in rice, I poured some rock salt and dug in. Oh. My…


This was so rich and good, it’s crazy… Richer than the already usually rich items because of the cut, and this was just perfectly melt in your mouth stuff. The breading was perfect.


Look at it…isn’t it just drool-inducing? I finished it and had to slap myself — one to believe how good it was, two to prevent myself from ordering a second! I had a long afternoon to hike this off in adjacent Aoyama Cemetery, a tradition I have each trip. So sadly I took my leave, knowing I will be back the next time I am in Japan!

This is my temple. Wow…

Butagumi [豚組]
2-24-9 Nishi-azabu, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan


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