Review: Killen’s Barbeque

26 Feburary 2017

I was hungover and out of energy, but I managed to get a few things done this Sunday. Just missed the Galveston trip, but oh well… Long day, and I drifted into Pearland early afternoon for what I was told the best barbeque in Houston, Killen’s Barbeque.

Queue was short for a Texas weekend, only about 45 minutes. I got my food for 2-3 meals (yep, lunch and dinner, and likely brekkie in the morning before I head to LA) and headed to my hotel nearby. I opened up the goodies and it went all over the scale…


Firstly, the sausages…they brought the wrong ones (I asked for spicy), and it’s obvious because it was more links than I ordered. But they were AWFUL. They tasted 2 days old at best. What the hell? I was worried…


Then the brisket…again, terrible. What, this is supposed to be the best in the area? It was horribly dry and had no flavour aside from the over-spiced edge. The worst brisket I’ve had in ages!

Damn worried now! Did I waste my time? The pork ribs were actually quite good, so I relaxed a little.


And to be honest, the creamed corn side was really good.


But what made this epic was the fabulous beef rib.


Now this was the absolute BEST beef rib I’ve ever had, amazing how they made this. So all in all it balanced out to a point. I had enough for 2 meals, lunch and dinner. No brekkie, as the sausages and rest of the brisket I fed to the birds outside…

Well, thank you Houston, off for Lalaland…and a plate of pork rinds waiting for me

Killen’s Barbeque
3613 East Broadway
Pearland, Texas


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