Review: Caracol

25 February 2017

My trip to Houston became a mess thanks to some planning screw-ups, not helped by ridiculously bad roads and insane traffic jams courtesy of out of control roadworks. I needed to unwind after a stupid day, so I headed to dinner at Caracol.

Now you think, why is Mel going to a Mexican place in Houston? I’ve heard so many good things about this restaurant, even though it’s next to a huge ol’ shopping mall. I got there and parked and headed down. I was seated in the corner and I chilled with a cocktail…

The menu looked fantastic and I ordered, enjoying the drink. A tasty little shellfish soup was the amuse, and soon my first arrived — the namesake.


Yes, I know the thing about ceviche in the evenings, but why not. These were fantastic, lovely with the spicy tinge. And a healthy serving too! Very nice start. Then when my main arrived I had to remind myself I’m in Texas, and the portions are Texas-sized…


Wow, this was an awesome mixed grill, full of garlicky goodness. Everything from mussels to clams, scallops to big prawns. And even some frog legs! That was a real treat! Took awhile to eat all of this, but I was a happy camper when I finished every bit of stuff on this plate.

I was full but decided to have a desserts, the helado “drenched”…


I thought it was gonna be “drenched” with booze but it wasn’t, so I asked for a closing number — to recommend a mezcal. And the brought out an excellent one. Lovely stuff.

I headed out very happy with the meal I’ve had here, and this place certainly lives up to the hype. Excellent service too despite how crazy busy they were this Saturday night. Highly recommended!

2200 Post Oak Boulevard
Houston, Texas

PS: Stupid me got back to my hotel and kept drinking, chatting with 2 folks who I thought were locals but they had just come back from Ukraine…shows never to judge by appearance! But drank too much and missed my morning alarm, the first time I’ve missed an alarm in years. So no Galveston…


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