Review: Tim’s Kitchen

25 December 2016

After that horrible dimsum at Maxim’s Palace I went for a wee rest back at my room, a far shorter rest than planned as what a 45-minute meal turned into a 2+ hour trial. Packed up and headed out early afternoon. I needed to kill time so I went to check my bag at Central Station and then walked to the Four Seasons Hotel nearby — where I had my first dinner 2 weeks ago at Lung King Heen — and parked myself at the bar.

Had a few drinks and killed some time. I then ended up walking back towards my hotel and stopped at another bar for more drinks, to kill more time. Then I walked to my dinner destination nearby, the 1-Michelin eatery Tim’s Kitchen. This is the main location, the one that has the Michelin star. I had dined at its Macau location years ago and had a great meal with excellent service. Let’s see how this goes.

Started out badly as I was seated, and asked to move upstairs *after* I was seated. Fine. Went up and I noticed why — the restaurant was empty and they wanted to have the few diners sit together…ugh… I ordered and they cocked up the wine…why do I bother when I am here in Hong Kong?

I tried to chill out but it wasn’t easy as the service is just chaotic. Eventually my food came, starting with a seasonal special — the snake bisque.


Not bad, a little better than the one I had at the Snake Village in Vietnam about 2 weeks earlier. Strong flavours in a thick soup, nice. Then after a bit the dishes came.


First up was shark fin and fish maw with scrambled eggs. A classic dish but done rather mediocre, nothing special. In fact, skimmed on the shark fin here… Annoying.


Then next up was some sea cucumber that was underflavoured and also undercooked. Hmmm. I couldn’t get any server’s attention for several minutes so I gave up and just ate it. Big mistake. I finished this meal and couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there. What a shitty experience, just awful service. Miles away from its location in Macau!

Took another 10 minutes to get someone to bring me the bill. I paid and left as soon as I could and walked out to Central to take the train to the airport. I just want to go to the lounge and hide…lucky it was very quiet at the Virgin Atlantic lounge and I just nursed a few cocktails for the many hours, listening to my MP3, before we boarded.

Oh, again, I am never stepping foot into Hong Kong again. Now for this 13-hour flight to Heathrow…

Tim’s Kitchen
84-90 Bonham Strand
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong

PS: Of course after 2 weeks of eating street food and all sorts in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia my stomach gets killed by a Michelin-starred place in Hong Kong. Had to run to the toilet about a dozen times during the flight to Heathrow, which landed at 0430…and my next 8.5-hour flight wasn’t leaving until midday 1200… U. G. H.

PPS: I survived. No thanks to fucking Hong Kong.


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