Review: Lao Kitchen

19 December 2016

After that fabulous lunch at Do Kai Noi, I hiked back towards the centre and made a few stops at some of the more fabulous temples en route. By the time I got back to my hotel I was spent, and dehydrated. I chilled out and revived far in time for dinner.

Tonight I ended up at a place called Lao Kitchen. Already somewhat busy, I chilled out with a drink and ordered. Was a joy — not — to listen in on convos by various ex-pats, so I tried to zonk out. Some locals there, so that made it better. Anyway, the food began arriving despite the chaotic service.


First up was some fishcakes as a starter. Not bad, tasty, rather ubiquitous for this region. Then my main items began arriving. First up some sausages.


Pakse-style, pretty solid stuff. Great as a drinking snack. Then the main course, a rather delicious frog stir-fry.


Nice, with some sticky rice of course. Nice flavours, lovely frog. However I saw my server bring my starter again and I told him it already came…a bit chaotic to say the least…

An enjoyable enough of a dinner, nowhere as good as that fabulous lunch tho. But nice. Made a stop for some wine and headed back into the hotel for a much-needed kip. Another busy day tomorrow in this lovely town…

Lao Kitchen [ລາວ ເຮືອນຄົວ]
140/01 Rue Hengboun
Vientiane, Lao


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