Last Day in Vientiane: Bad Food, Great Everything Else…

20 December 2016

My last day in Vientiane… Woke up early again, pretty rested. I headed out early again to beat the heat, to cover the sights I missed yesterday. Yesterday was about trekking to the north to That Luang; today is about the south.

After a few hours I was soaked in sweat, but it was a good walk. Enjoyed most of the sights, even tried to do some shopping. I then stopped off for some juice en route at the House of Fruit Shakes, and had some excellent concoctions — pineapple/banana/mango, and papaya/lime. This is what I will miss about this region, especially Vientiane!

Then I walked around a bit and felt compelled to go into this place called Sweet Moo. Had to do it. Had a nice, if not pricey ice cream — chocolate, macadamia, and lychee. A nice break in the heat! I wandered around more and covered most of the temples near my hotel, and then headed to lunch at a place called Makphet.

It’s well-known as a charity restaurant that trains underprivleged young people for this trade. Excellent idea, but the restaurant seems a bit slow today for lunch. And it was slow… I eventually got my lunch.


Beef in local booze sauce. Tasty in general, but the sticky rice was really awful tho… Oh well, this is a training, charity restaurant. I headed back to my hotel to chill a little. I also took up on the services of the spa and got a much-needed back masssage…

I chilled out and actually did some packing before heading out for dinner. I went to one of the better known places in town called Khop Chai Deu, which is popular also with locals as they have cusines from all over the world alongside Lao. I ordered some food and chilled out with some wine.

Weird place, lots of people outside on the deck but I’m happy inside in the AC. Then the food arrived. First up, some black eggs.


I love these things, I can eat them all day if they weren’t so bad for you in excess… Then some chicken cartilage.


Not bad, fried up with herbs. Then some pretty bad pork and bacon…


Tasteless these sour pork bits. I wish they had more flavour, like they really cut corners here. Oh well. But being still hungry I ordered a few more items…which turned out to be a total mistake.


These ribs were pretty tasteless, and worse were these mushrooms…


So bad. They could have been good, but done so badly. I just settled up and left being so disappointed. I ended up dropping into a few different wine bars in town, just to chill out this last night. Sad leaving, as this was a town I can see myself hang out for a long time.

Eventually I wandered back to my hotel to get a bit of rest before my morning flight to Phnom Penh. Too bad, as I really, really like Vientiane. Such a cute and chill town… I would again highly recommend Kualao (despite it being overrun by tour groups), and especially Do Kai Noi for lunch — the latter is totally worth the trek!

Makphet [ຫມາກເຜັດ]
78 Ban Inpeng Vat Chanh Tha

Khop Chai Deu [ຂອບໃຈເດີ]
54 Rue Sethathirat
Vientiane, Lao


5 thoughts on “Last Day in Vientiane: Bad Food, Great Everything Else…

  1. It sucks when you have to leave a restaurant disappointed. It’s happened to me a few times recently, once when it was supposed to be a celebration dinner. It just ruined the whole thing!

    • Sadly it’s too common a thing these days, and most of the time it’s actually Michelin-starred places that fail badly… One of the upcoming reviews will document a real bad one… :/

      • I almost feel worse giving a bad review when it’s a restaurant that isn’t doing too well. Kind of feel like kicking someone who’s already lying down, haha. I don’t feel as bad giving a bad review when it’s a Michelin star restaurant, because they really should know better.

      • Agreed, I often hold back when the place is struggling (unless it’s the REASON they are struggling), but when it’s a place that’s taking advantage of misplaced reputation, I am far less merciful…

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