Review: Highway 4

16 December 2016

I woke up still suffering from jetlag…never fun when the time change is 12 hours… A bit groggy but managed to get going before it got too warm. Hanoi was warmer than usual this winter I was told… I had a nice long walk and explored the Citadel and area during the morning.

Was hungry by then, so walked over to the Old Quarter and dropped into a place I wanted to visit, Highway 4. It’s got a few locations around town, but the menu looked interesting. It was still early so not very busy, so I took a seat and chilled out.

I ordered some food over a beer and chilled out. After a little my food began arriving, and I started to drool…


First up were some snail rolls. These were excellent, nicely filled and flavoured. Then also a plate of locusts…


I love eating insects. Not sure why, but they are so condusive to drinking. A perfect beer snack, these with a wee bit of spice thanks to the peppers. And to keep myself honest, a plate of things I grew up hating.


Yep, bitter melon. I used to hate these things but this worked out well with these rich items. As I finished up the food, I figured I had more walking this afternoon so I ordered more. Chilled with some traditional Vietnamese rice wine and then the last item arrived — steamed mountain pork.


Delicious stuff as you’d expect, the pork had excellent flavours, nice and rich. Still had some of the bitter melon left, so that balanced out well. Mmm, a good lunch!

I had a bit more rice wine before I headed out for a nice walk around Hoàn Kiếm Lake. Sad that I got there after the legendary turtle had passed

A good lunch, Highway 4 is very much recommended!

Highway 4
5 Hàng Tre
Hoàn Kiếm
Hà Nội, Việt Nam


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