Review: Dudley’s on Short

16 November 2016

After Indianapolis I headed to Louisville, a city I love so much. Despite everything, still the friendliest folks in the country. Ended up doing some BBQ there for dinner, after a rather busy and tiring day, at Momma’s Mustard, Pickles & BBQ, which is highly recommended (nice beef ribs, but the wings were totally awesome). Another busy and tiring day later, I ended the day in Lexington.

Wow, is traffic screwed up in this place. Such a small city and the radio even jokes that it has the worst traffic in the country. It’s ridiculous trying to go a few miles and it takes over 45 minutes — and this is going AGAINST the commuting flow.

I made my way into downtown for dinner and immediately I was accosted by various unsavoury types begging on the streets, all with rather glazed eyes and shaking… The 1 block between the parking lot to the restaurant I was approached by at least half a dozen zonked-out types. There’s a difference between the needy homeless, like the one I helped the other night in Indianapolis, to these just pushing aggressively for a handout because they’re seriously jonesing.

I finally made my way into Dudley’s on Short, albeit from the wrong entrance. Oops. Anyway, I was seated and I chilled out with a cocktail. I ordered and relaxed in this wee oasis. And soon my starter arrived, their well-liked devilled eggs.


Nice, these eggs are tasty. Just a wee bit of dried trout on top. Good snack. Then my main course arrived, the pork.


Hmmm… The smoke was very light, and unfortunately the roasting was a bit too much. The outside was dry and flaky, but the core was not bad. Overcooked, low on flavour. Oh well…

I was not really into dessert but just took a drink and asked for an “alternative” dessert — another order of the devilled eggs. Not bad. I headed out and thank goodness the path was not as obstructed by drugged out folks this time…

Still floored on how different Louisville and Lexington are despite being so close to each other…

Dudley’s on Short
259 West Short Street
Lexington, Kentucky


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