Review: St Elmo Steak House

14 November 2016

I was still reeling from the election results…it’s like everything got up-ended. I had planned to relocate to the centre of the country at some point, but after these results the plans were halted, sadly. This quick trip out to Indiana and Kentucky was supposed to be property scouting, but turned into something far different…

Too late to cancel, so I just went. Had a very unproductive day in Indianapolis, despite it being a city I really enjoy. A bad lunch at King David Dogs (excellent meat but horrible buns and condiments), and I didn’t want to get drunk (yet), so…just stayed in my hotel room plotting my quickly-altered trip plans.

I eventually headed out to dinner at the city’s institution of a dining venue — St Elmo Steak House. Why not, right? I needed a good night out. Walked there and was a little early so had a martini at the bar. Then was seated.

I went with a bottle of grenache as I ordered. The starter arrived within a minute, and it’s one of their signature items — shrimp cocktail.


Pretty good, but what I loved (and what they’re famous for) is the heavy, nearly overwhelming amount of horseradish. Lovely, good quality shrimp too. Nice start.

I hit the wine pretty hard as it took awhile for the food to arrive. Then my steak, an aged ribeye arrived…


Not bad, cooked well and flavourful. A side of sprouts too, though a little heavy on the vinegar.


Not bad overall. I chilled and finished up the wine and took some of the food away. I thanked my server and headed on out back to my hotel.

En route I ran into a homeless person, and as I commonly do when I walk in a city and see a hungry homeless person, I give them my food. Least I can do.

Got back to the hotel and collapsed…what a start to a strange trip…

St Elmo Steak House
127 South Illinois Street
Indianapolis, Indiana


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