Review: La Fia

5 November 2016

I decided to take a quick trip around the Delmarva Peninsula during a previous weekend. Despite living so close, I’ve rarely gone out to that part of the region, so I decided to go — focusing mostly on Delaware. Most people don’t think of Delaware for things like food, but I wanted to try it out. So for the two nights I went to seek the best restaurants in the state — one in the north, one in the south.

First up was an evening in Wilmington, a much troubled town that most people only see from their Amtrak trains. It’s had a tough time, but some folks are doing their best to try to revitalise the downtown area. And one of them is La Fia.

I headed there for dinner from my hotel, luckily it was only a few blocks and not in a ropey part of town. I got there and happily sat at the bar and looked over the menu. Mmm, so many good things. I ordered a cocktail and kept pondering food choices. Not eaten since last night, so was hungry. At the end, I decided to go a bit overboard…and do two entrees.

I ordered them and chilled with more drink until the first item appeared, and a smile immediately came over my face — the smoked black cod.


Mmmm, this was an excellent prep for this lovely fish. It seems everyone would basically do this with miso and go with no imagination, but the smoke — with a wee bit of soy — really brought out the best in this fish. Apparently it was too smoky the way they used to do it, but that for me would have been even better. But an awesome dish, what a fantastic start!

I enjoyed more drinks in the meantime as I told them I would not need much of a break before my second entree, and sure enough it arrived soon — the duck.


Nicely cooked, excellent quality meat too. Not as mind-blowing as the first entree, but still excellent. What a wonderful surprise I found here in Wilmington! A surprisingly excellent dinner!

I stayed to have a few more drinks chatting with the bartender and fellow diners before I took my leave. Ended up drinking up a ton more at my hotel restaurant before I collapsed out of exhaustion. Early morning tomorrow, but thank goodness for time changes and the one extra hour I’ll have tonight…

La Fia
421 North Market Street
Wilmington, Delaware


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