Review: Etc

20 October 2017

Since my nice late dinner at The Treehouse I had a very long two days that dragged me through 5 states (Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana) before getting back to Nashville late in the afternoon. I was totally tired and my hotel near the airport was an utter clusterf**k from internal construction (why do they keep places open when it’s basically GUTTED inside???), so I needed a good last dinner before home…finally, HOME!

Etc (as in Et cetera…) was way on the other side of town, and fighting the notoriously bad Nashville traffic wasn’t fun. The idiocy of drivers here never ceases to amaze me. Within 30 minutes I saw at least 3 people speeding through the WRONG SIDE of traffic and 5 people turning left from the RIGHT LANE. Even drivers in Colombia or Philippines aren’t this bad!

I got to Etc, which was set at a new residential suburban development. It was clearly an anchor for the area, and many of the diners seems to live here. As I got there they were just about to turn away a party of 2 from the full restaurant, but I happily gave them my reserved table — and shifted to the bar. The bar was spacey so not an issue, despite it being busy.

I relaxed with a cocktail and placed my order. Very popular place, I hope it shows the same promise in the food department. After a little, my first item arrived.


Duck gizzards, something I’ve not had in awhile and I was really looking forward to. I think they overdid it a little, making it way, way too easy to eat if you know what I mean. I like my gizzards with character, like the chicken ones at Stroud’s in Kansas City (now that was dreamy…). I can see people liking it if they are not gizzard eaters, but a bit of a miss for me.


Next up my main was the so-called “fowl trio” that contained duck breast, confit chicken and foie in a “brulee” of all things. The duck, boasting a light tinge of cinnamon, was very good. The chicken less so, a bit overcooked. The foie “brulee” should have been a dessert really, it was sweet. And yes, I basically treated it as my dessert, so I didn’t order more.

Not bad, a little too sanitised to be called “adventurous” but for a neighbourhood restaurant it does very well. And it’s clearly very popular. If I lived in this community I’d come here often too.

I was dead tired and want to get some sleep before my hotel’s stupid construction started up. My flight isn’t early, so I can rest a little. So drove across town back to my hotel and collapsed. This trip is finally almost over…

3790 Bedford Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee


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