Review #2: El Pirata

27 September 2016

I headed out at an early hour out of Vienna, and despite that amazing dinner last night at Konstantin Filippou, I was glad to move to the next phase of this trip. I left that overheated airport and got to London early afternoon. Had time, so headed in by Pic and District lines.

I of course was hungry and pondered where to go — close to my hotel, or not. I thought I had some time, so why not meander to Mayfair and hit one of my favourite tapas places, El Pirata. I always enjoy my food here, having found this place over 15 years ago. It’s one of those places I just love to relax and feast in, you know?

Chilled with some wine and ordered a nice selection. As usual the cascade of dishes arrived pretty quickly, just when I ordered my second glass of wine. First up was the padron peppers…


Nice bunch, tho with my luck I got the spicy one on the very first bite… Then some gulas.


Yeah, they’re “gulas” but I love these thingies anyway. Lovely garlic sauce they use, great to mop up with all that bread. Then my favourite item…


They always do a fantastic arroz negro here, been eating it here for 15+ years. Lovely, creamy stuff, letting the ink do the talking. Lovely as always!


Then finally, a set of grilled sardines. Excellent stuff as well. What I love about this place is the simplicity of it, and they do stuff they know extremely well.

And if you know me, you know what my dessert was…


Shall I say more? Was really good to get back to London to be at one of my usual places. Nice and chill, the only annoyance is having to go to either Green Park or Hyde Park Corner to head out.

Not a bad start to my last time in London.

El Pirata
5-6 Down Street
London, England

2 thoughts on “Review #2: El Pirata

  1. That type of peppers are well loved by a region in the Philippines they eat it so much. It’s not hot, right? seems like a simple dish but yummy!

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