Review: Lubin

25 September 2016

And I thought my trip couldn’t begin worse I was wrong… I flew to Vienna the next morning and after dropping my bag I headed across the border to Bratislava. I’ve not been to Slovakia in over a decade and I was looking forward to it…

…And it was a total disaster. I had to deal with some unpleasant racial abuse that involved people spitting at me… Then my hotel bumped my pre-paid booking, and forced me to overnight in a shitty place in a less-than-great location. And couldn’t find anything solid to eat all night…including pubs that ran out of food (early on a Saturday evening!). Amazing… If it wasn’t for an accidental discovery of an excellent Vietnamese restaurant — Papaya — near the shit hotel, I would have nothing good to say about this short stay.

I made my way back to Vienna very early in the morning and had a long, long day around town on train, subway, streetcar, bus, and foot. I was knackered. And unfortunately, Vienna sucks for food on Sunday, and the only option I found was a Croatian seafood place called Lubin.

I got there just as it opened and it had an odd odour… Doesn’t bode well for seafood, and that made me choose things accordingly. I tried to relax and at the beginning it was good. I enjoyed some Croatian white and they brought a fish mousse as an amouse.


Not bad. Then soon my food began arriving.


First up was some octopus, which was pretty good. Nothing special, but pretty solid. Next up was something I was looking forward to, gavuni.


These fried sand smelts were nice, though it could have been seasoned a bit better. I love eating these fish, so this was a very nice dish for me. Simple and good. But at this point the restaurant was getting busier with other people looking for Sunday dinners, and the service crashed accordingly…

Took 15 minutes to get someone’s attention that my wine has been drained for ages. Not thrilled. Then the main course arrived and my heart sunk…


This was supposed to be buzara… It’s an imitation, wannabe “buzara” poured over poorly-made polenta with 4 measely shrimp on top. What a mess! Definitely nothing like what I enjoyed at one of my all-time faves in NYC, Villa Berulia

I basically ate as much as I could before I quit. I was hungry, but I had lost my appetite here… What were they thinking? Was it to nail the tourist? I stupidly switched to English and I noticed the attitude changing. Is this part of the distain I see with the Viennese with tourists, especially ones that look like from Asia?

Whatever it is, this was not good and of course it took another 15 minutes to get anyone’s attention to pay. I left not very happy by this experience, and frankly I wish I just got some room service or grabbed a döner near the train station… And, of course, my stomach was in pain in a few hours, from something dodgy tonight…

This is turning into a clusterf**k of a trip…

Hainburgerstraße 48
Wien, Österreich

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