Review: Orchard City Kitchen

9 September 2016

I had a pretty long day trekking back from Sacramento. After that disastrous dinner last night at The Firehouse I needed a good meal. And frankly, a strip mall in Silicon Valley wasn’t my idea of fixing that. But I’ve read very good things about Orchard City Kitchen in the suburb of Campbell, so…

It was a strip mall-from-hell, with tons of chain restaurants and lack of parking. Friday night so it was already extremely busy. I eventually found parking and got to the restaurant, and was happily seated at a table. I chilled out after ordering a cocktail and ordered.

Ugh, trying to relax. It’s been a taxing end to this trip and I’m out of energy to be honest. So that cocktail was nice and refreshing, a good rec by the really cool waitress. Then the food began.


The first item was a white tuna (escolar) crudo dish. Looks very busy, but actually balanced out well. The fish was good, the accompanying items helped it along nicely, from cherry tomatoes to ginger. A good start. Soon the second item arrived.


A nice plate of nardello peppers. I was lucky enough to get 2 spicy ones, and they burned quite nicely. The last item came a minute after, which worked perfectly.


Some nice dumplings filled with corn and crab. Very tasty, it actually helped to cool the heat from the 2 aformentioned peppers. Very nice.

A good dinner, but for some reason I was just knackered, and since I had unexpected work to do, I decided to take some stuff to go and head out. An early night this Friday night, but I was also running out of energy from this trip. I thanked my excellent server and headed out.

Not bad, for a place in a suburban strip mall that’s full of chain restaurants. A little oasis in a sea of mediocrity. Not surprised to see it so busy on an early Friday night. Recommended certainly.

Orchard City Kitchen
1875 South Bascom Avenue
Campbell, California


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