Review #2: MW Restaurant

28 August 2016

I barely got my car back from that hell of a West Virginia mess but I had to hop on a flight the next morning to LA, and then the next morning to Honolulu. Ah, “home” for a few days… I got to my hotel outside of Waikīkī (those of us who grew up in Honolulu have a hate-hate relationship with Waikīkī…) and chilled. Good, the AC is working well, and the weather wasn’t too hot.

I chilled until dinner, which was a re-visit of somewhere that I really liked during my trip last year — MW Restaurant. It was pretty good during my visit nearly exactly a year ago. I got there and was seated at the busy chef’s counter. It’s not really a great counter as you are not close enough to the kitchen to interact easily, and you’re taking space from service, so…

Anyway, it was a little chaotic as my server kept disappearing — which is annoying when other servers were just hanging out. But I ordered a cocktail and my dinner and chilled. Good to be back in Honolulu. After a little my first course arrived.


The belly bao wasn’t bad but a little inconsistent. The peppers worked, but the sauce was a bit sticky and not very helpful. Not bad, let’s see what the second starter brings. It was one of the day’s specials…


Abalone from Kona, not bad. Lots of risotto, a little acidic overall but pretty good. I enjoyed it. I like abalone anyway, so that was a nice treat. Took awhile to pin down my server to get another drink, which was a little annoying, but I shrugged it off. I’m here to relax anyway. Looking forward to my main course, which arrived just then.


The carbonara is very disappointing, to be honest. There was a distinct lack of lobster meat first of all. Secondly, the carbonara was almost sticky due to the cream almost reduced to nil. The bacon added nothing, sadly. Poor dish all and all. And the fact it was stupidly expensive made it even more annoying.

I was not too thrilled, but shit happens. I decided on a dessert in any case, but not a closing drink. I needed a good night sleep anyway as tomorrow I have a very early rise and long day.


The dessert was not bad, but I think it came straight from the freezer — and not to the desired effect. The ice is solid and sharp, but the stuff on the bottom, from the haupia to the tapioca, was frozen solid. It made for a poor dish, sloppy. Sigh…this place was so good last time, this overall was disappointing.

I left a bit frustrated by the big bill and the not-so-good experience. It was nowhere as good as last time; in fact, this time was so disappointing I know my next trip home I’ll be skipping this place for sure. Sigh…

MW Restaurant
1538 Kapiʻolani Boulevard
Honolulu, Hawaiʻi


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