Review: Local Roots

16 August 2016

I decided for some reason to head out on the road for a few days for a wee roadtrip, with the goal to drive around West Virginia. It was summer, I didn’t feel like flying anywhere, and it’s been awhile since I’ve been on a road trip in my own car (too often in rentals far away from the home base). So off I went.

The first day took me to the south-western part of Virginia, where I visited a few historic sites and cemeteries. I wanted to do some hiking when I was visiting the historic Red Hill Plantation estate of Patrick Henry (“give me liberty or give me death”) but it being horribly hot, sunny — and worse — humid, I just had a nice stroll through the grounds and visited his grave. After a few more stops, I made my way to the odd city of Roanoke.

Dinner was at a place I’ve read about called Local Roots. I headed there in the more charming parts of town and took a seat at the bar, as it wasn’t overly busy. I chilled with a cocktail made by a very friendly and knowlegeable bartender, and enjoyed my evening trying out different things he prepared. To start the night, I ordered some mussels.


The mussels were excellent, helped on by a nice sprinkling of Benton’s bacon. Solid stuff, really enjoyed this. A bit big, but I was told my main isn’t so big so I went with it — the steak.


This beef features Ancient White Park, a heritage breed of cattle. Not bad, but I wish the portion was a bit heartier. Nice flavours, though it’s not my favourite cut it was solid. Excellent prep. Enjoyed it. After a bit more banter with the friendly bartender I decided to go with a coffee and dessert…

3a-bread pudding

Nice bread pudding with a healthy amount of chocolate and caramel in various forms, now this is very nice. Rich and full of flavours here, I rarely praise desserts but this was excellent.

I headed out very happy with this dinner, not just the quality of the food but the excellent and friendly staff as well. What a great neighbourhood restaurant to have — if you lived nearby! But worth a trek out of town as you can’t find cooking this solid and staff this friendly in the DC area for sure…

Local Roots
1314 Grandin Road SW
Roanoke, Virginia


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