Review: The Root

20 July 2016

I headed out of Detroit early in the morning for a trip to The Thumb, running all the way up to Harbor Beach before cutting west to Bay City then down south. One of the more depressing moments was seeing a water distribution centre in Flint…

For dinner I stopped at one of the most raved about places in the far, far suburbs of Detroit called The Root, all the way out in White Lake (west of Pontiac). This, and its sister restaurant Mabel Gray Kitchen, have gained a lot of buzz from the local food community, so I was keen to try one of them out. The Root just made more geographic sense on this trip.

Located in a non-descript strip mall, it doesn’t have the feel of a good restaurant, more like a place in a strip mall. In any case, wasn’t very busy at an early hour so I took a place at the lengthy bar. I chilled out with a drink looking over the menu.

I ordered and chilled out for a bit. Was a tiring and warm day, so needed to chill totally. And the first item was good for that — gazpacho.

1-cucumber gazpacho

This one was made with cucumber and green tomatoes. Not bad, but honestly nothing special. At the same time the other starter arrived, the lamb meatballs.

2-lamb meatballs

Now these were really good, the essence of the lamb really comes out strong. Solid stuff. I enjoyed both of them — the meatballs for the taste, the gazpacho for the cooling off effect. All before the main course…


Well, I was talked into this over the listed items as this steak was today’s special. They were really selling the garlic sauce, but it turned out to be ridiculously acidic and damaged the taste of the steak. Plus the beef was cook badly. Sigh…why (again) did I listen to staff and not trust my own judgement? It’s failed so many times recently…

Oh well, that put a damper on things, and service started to really collapse at this point. Took ages to get a glass of wine, and that led me to skip dessert for the bill. And of course their computer crashed so we had to use the old triplicate credit card slip thing… Not a great ending. I am wondering if I’m cursed with this area to never have a great closing number — just like Republic last night. Sigh…

The Root
340 Town Center Boulevard
White Lake, Michigan


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