Review: Roast

18 July 2016

After a fortnight of headaches at home, I headed out on a very long trip into the northern Midwest for the next fortnight. The first stop was Detroit, a city I have not visited since I was chased for 15 blocks after a game at the now-demolished (and missed) Tigers Stadium back in 1994…

Detroit has changed quite a lot, and I was glad to see the downtown core growing. Hopefully this will continue and spread and bring some continual cheer to a city that has suffered so much over the decades. The burnt-out, abandoned lots are still around, but there are also new sprouts of optimism — from shiny new buildings in downtown to bike lanes in run-down neighbourhoods.

In any case, my original plans to drop into a Tigers game after 22 years fell apart so I ended up having to figure out dinner quickly, and I decided on Roast. Iron Chef Michael Symon’s place is well-regarded and I figured a safe steak tonight is what I needed. I’ve actually never been to one of his places, despite him winning a skewed Iron Chef contest against my former restaurant’s team…

It turned out to be a rather typical hotel steakhouse, big and mechanical. I had hoped to try their roast “beast” of the day but it was goat (which I love) but pulled (which I do not love), so I went with the ribeye instead…

First it was a much-needed cocktail. I chilled out though the place was rather busy. I always found shorts in a chic steakhouse quite annoying, and I found myself overdressed in a sea of summer holiday shabbiness. Oh well… After the cocktail drained my starter arrived…


Normally I love marrow, but for some reason this didn’t quite work. Too much “fixins” on top, and there was quite a limited amount of marrow here on these bones. You think there wasn’t enough bread-y things to enjoy the marrow? I had leftovers afterwards. Anyway, I have a nice steak coming so I wasn’t too bothered…


Or should I? Not a great size, and the way they cook it took AGES for it to come out. And it didn’t do much for the beef. Temperature was a bit off (overcooked), and it almost felt cool, depriving it of the sizzle we all enjoy. Bland flavours too. The asparagus side was wilty and again tasteless…

It was not a satisfactory dinner at all. I see reviews calling this a “meat temple” but all I see is a mediocre hotel restaurant that tries to be. I’m sure Chef Symon would have done something quite different if it wasn’t a hotel place, but this was pretty lame.

Not a great start to this trip…

1128 Washington Boulevard
Detroit, Michigan

* PS — I ended up getting ill from this dinner too, so the good night of sleep I had hoped for didin’t quite happen…


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