Review: Oaxen Slip

20 June 2016

A bit of a hangover, but more of feeling off thanks to all the beers. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with beer the last year or so, and this is just more proof I need to stay away from beer…sadly… When it’s been such a big part of your life for so long, it’s hard to give it up. But I must, or else my insides are gonna rot sooner than they already are…

In any case, my trip was coming to an end. My flight out of Arlanda is late afternoon, so I decided to head to the popular Djurgården district of Stockholm. The day was sunny and warm, so it’s no surprise it’s full of locals and tourists. Took the tram out to near the terminus to get to my lunch destination, Oaxen Slip.

I had wanted to eat at its companion restaurant Oaxen Krog, but unfortunately I was in town for only 2 nights and one was a Sunday. So this will have to do. I thought about sitting outside, but I’ve been attacked by bees a few times the last few days so best I stay inside…

I relaxed with a glass of rose and ordered my lunch. I had a long time so could spend a leisurely few hours before I had to go back to my hotel to grab my bag. Hotel is just across the street from the airport train, so it’s all relatively simple. I chilled and enjoyed the view and my wine.

The place has just opened but it was filling up quickly; in fact we queued at the door when I arrived early. I see this place is very popular with locals, as it seemed I was the only table that wasn’t speaking Swedish. I understood why when my starter arrived — I had already sensed it from the aroma…

1-smoked shrimp

Wow…these smoked shrimp were eminating the most inviting aroma, a beautiful smoke that really brought out the flavour of these treats. They left plenty of wet wipes too, and this proved to be extremely messy… The heads were divine, sucking out all the goodness. These shrimp were full of roe too, so more joy plucking them off the creatures. If I wasn’t flying in the afternoon I would probably have eaten quite a lot of the shell, but didn’t want to risk that for a trans-Atlantic flight. So lots of peeling, but the flavour was divine. What beautiful smoking this is!

I was smiling and slowly working on the pile and it was a little sad when I reached the last one. Though the flavour was so intense despite washing my hands 5 times since I still smelled the wonderful aroma during my flight hours later!!

I cleaned up as best as I could and enjoyed some more wine. This was an excellent start, and I was looking forward to my main course — which was the day’s special. And soon it arrived…


A beautiful mackerel, as you can see. My favourite fish, and it smelled wonderful. This place does dishes family style, so I also got some wonderful asparagus…


So I happily plated my dish myself and enjoyed this gorgeous fish. Wonderful flavour here! I had enough to make 3 separate plates…


Everything was wonderful, not just the mackerel. The new potato was nice, the beet was excellent, and the asaragus fabulous. What a great lunch! I finished off everything and was pretty full, but knowing I was probably not gonna eat until I get back across the Atlantic I decided to have a wee dessert…

3-malt gelato

A very nice malt gelato closed this meal. Though at this point the place got way busy with larger groups, so the service collapsed a little. I finally got my bill and happily headed out. If I ever make it back to Stockholm I will definitely mark Oaxen Krog to try as top priority. But really, this was such a wonderful lunch it left such a great impression on me I will seriously think about it.

I headed back to the hotel and then to Arlanda, where the post-Schengen area for Norwegian was a complete joke… If I come back I’m sure I’ll never fly this joke of an airline again…

Homeward bound…

Oaxen Slip
Beckholmsvägen 26
Stockholm, Sverige


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