Review: Black Market

3 May 2016

It was a wonderful trip to Maine, and after a poorly-planned-caused overnight in Baltimore I headed off to Indiana — just in time for the primary. I got there and had a very busy day, even taking a few moments to do some cemetery trekking. I was tired and hungry, but wanted to eat early so I can get back to the hotel to track the results, so I headed to dinner early.

The place in town that has the most buzz has to be Black Market. No reservations, but the kitchen just opened at 5pm so that worked perfectly. I chilled out with a cocktail and smiled. This is a cool bar…


A great selection and the concoctions were excellent. But I was hungry so I was eagerly awaiting my food, and soon the first item showed up. Wow…


First up was the grilled heart and asparagus, and this was just amazing. The heart was perfectly seasoned and cooked, retaining both the unique taste and texture of the heart without compromising its uniqueness. One of the best executed heart dish I’ve ever had. Fabulous!

I was in a great mood now and I ordered another cocktail as the second dish arrived, and I was in heaven…


This is a beautiful tongue, again executed perfectly. It was tender but not smushy, retaining the unique taste and feel of tongue. The beets were just beautiful too. Oh goodness, 2 of my favourite things on a plate!

I was extremely happy at this point and I actually ordered another cocktail before the main dish came, and it was big…

3-pork chop

Wow, a very nice pork chop here. Cooked medium, brined nicely, with a touch of maple syrup making this a fabulous main number. Excellent, although it can’t top the 2 starters which brought me to my personal heaven.

I ended up staying for one last drink as all the exit polls were way skewed, so it’s an early night for all of us. I thanked them and headed out more than happy with this dinner. Honestly one of the top meals of the year so far! Wow, Indianapolis — especially Black Market — you’ve really impressed me!

Black Market
922 Massachusetts Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana


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