Review #2: Taberna de Haro

26 April 2016

I flew into a stormy Boston from a drizzly Buffalo and it was a rough trek in. I’m fine with turbulance (I actually like it), but people were going nuts during the approach into Logan. Bloody amateurs… But the weather sucked, it was already the afternoon and it takes a bit of time to fight usual Boston insane traffic, and I was looking forward to a nice dinner at one of my favourite places in town, Taberna de Haro.

I usually refuse to eat Spanish food in the US, because they tend to be “Spanish” food. Only a handful of places I trust, and one of them is Taberna de Haro. My previous meal here was fantastic, and I was looking forward to this evening.

So nice they remembered me too. I enjoyed some nice sherry all night, as Chef/Owner Deborah Hansen has a special passion for them, which is good because I love drinking them. A lovely selection that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the country under one roof. Enjoyed it as I ordered a series of tapas to start the evening.

First to arrive was something I very, very rarely order even in Europe — patatas bravas.

1-patatas bravas

I generally hate normal potato, but this was done very well, a nice bite to it. I prefer these things spicy since otherwise it’s just bloody potato… Next up was something I really love from this kitchen, orejas a la plancha.


Nothing as good as grilled pigs ears, one of the most misunderstood and wasted parts of a pig. Lovely, just the right texture here. Frankly after that disaster last night at Buffalo’s The Black Sheep and those rather awful ears (what a bloody waste!), this was pure heaven! Then the third item, something else I rarely order.

3-albondigas de bacalao

These fried cod balls are excellent, full of bacalao goodness. I usually choose meat-based albóndigas but this was a nice, fried change. I was smiling now, and ordered more sherry as I looked over the menu on what’s next. So many things I wanted to eat, but this being Tuesday night, it is suckling pig night, so I went with it.

More sherry, and a comped treat of a very busy pa amb oli

4-Pa amb oli

Delicious! Then the tapa I ordered as a side arrived first.


Very nice artichokes, this will go well with the pork, which arrived quickly…


I have to say this was probably the weak dish of the night. It was good, but I really wanted this to be a spectacular item, with glorious crispy skin and juicy meat. Good, but not great. My anticipation was a bit too high I guess. But it’s a voluminous item, so that’s the closer on the food.

I ended up staying quite a bit longer with a liquid dessert — of a flight of sherries. Then I shifted to the bar to chat with the awesome server from my previous visit and enjoyed a few brandys before heading off for the Green and Red trains back to my hotel.

Taberna de Haro is a fabulous place to enjoy an evening of food, drink and convivial company. Friendly people make this a fabulous place to hang out, but the food is what brings people back. And the sherries make people smile. This will always be a place I stop by whenever I am in Boston.

Taberna de Haro
999 Beacon Street
Brookline, Massachusetts


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