Review: Nana’s

18 February 2016

I got up again very early and headed out of Wilmington before the bridge traffic got bad (repairs). I headed north-west and stopped in Fayetteville and made a few stops there before running up towards Raleigh. I made a few stops and was extremely disappointed to see “social activists” desecrate a historic cemetery…

But the day rolled on and I had to stop to help a colleague inspect a property. As I was doing it, I saw a area that was partly fenced off on a slope, and I hopped over it. As I was coming back down, there was no way to jump as it was too steep downward, so I tried to go under the line…


Fuck…why didn’t someone put a sign up that this was electrified? My shirt had a burn as did my jeans, since my knee was what grounded myself with the high voltage. Ugh! Took a few minutes to catch my breath and make sure my heart rate was normal again. UGH! And I couldn’t find any other way around so had to climb a high fence and jump off it, which caused me to roll my ankle as it was way high… UGH!

I asked them what the hell and they said it was to keep animals out…FFS… Of course I left angrily…this is the dumbest trip I’ve ever had! Ugh! I headed back to Durham and to my hotel to try to see how much damage there was. My phone was okay and my body seems okay, but there are holes in my clothes. FFS…

I really need a good dinner tonight to cover this shit. I had an early reservation at Nana’s, which is quite well-known in the area as one of the very best. Durham was busy, so it was an early booking. Got there and was seated and had a drink looking over the menu. The place filled up fast as I ordered. Soon the starter arrived, the fried quail…


Not bad, but the breading was a bit heavy and thick — and flavouless. The quail was also rather undercooked. A bad combination. Oh well, that’s too bad. I just had a bit more wine before the main course arrived.


This was the duck breast in a foie gras & carrot sauce. Very rich, but probably not needed. Not bad, but not as fantastic as the duck I had in other far-flung places like Juniper in Tulsa, Oklahoma or City Grocery in Oxford, Mississippi. Not bad nevertheless. But after today’s stupidity I was just not in the right frame of mind.

I did go for a dessert, surprisingly, and went for a chocolate ganache tart.

3-chocolate ganache

Not bad, bitter chocolate ruled here. I enjoyed this with a quick after-dinner drink before heading out for the long haul back to my hotel. I wasn’t too blown away by this meal, nowhere near as good as last night at Rx in Wilmington — nor as good as Stove in Portsmouth, Virginia. I was really anticipating a good meal, but this didn’t really do it for me.

I got back to my hotel needing to rest after this utterly stupid day. I guess my good luck has turned dramatically bad now…ugh…

2514 University Drive
Durham, North Carolina


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