Review: Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery

20 January 2016

After an exhausting few days in Mexico City, I departed from the altitude and pollution for San Antonio. Immediately I was breathing more relaxed being back to a normal elevation… This bodes badly for my planned trips to Colombia and Bolivia… In any case, I got my rental car and dumped my bags and headed for dinner. I’ve only had a breakfast burrito all day, so was somewhat hungry — though I wasn’t feeling that great to be really hungry.

Nevertheless I headed to the Pearl District of San Antonio — the current place for all the hip new restaurants and bars, all based around the historic Pearl Brewery. Tonight’s destination is Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery, which was still quite busy at around 8.30pm on a Wednesday night. I was given a spot at the chef’s counter so that was nice. I relaxed with a cocktail and checked out the menu…

I placed my order, hoping I didn’t overdo it, but I was a bit hungry now. Very quickly the first item came out, the deviled eggs.

1-deviled eggs

Mmm, these were excellent, with bacon and onion marmalade on top. A great mixture of savoury and sweet and tangy, all with an eggy goodness. I loved deviled eggs and these were some of the best I’ve had in ages. Excellent start! I could eat these things all day! I switched to some wine and soon my next item came out, and it was way, way bigger than I thought…

2-snapper throat

Wow, right? This is their signature item, the snapper throats. Nicely fried, there was quite a lot of meat to dig out. A smart way to use the whole fish for these guys, and it turns out to be their best-selling item. Smart cooking. Tasty too, though it was a LOT! This has been really good! I am impressed so far!

Was chilling out for a little as this was a lot of food, then the final item came — the lamb ribs.

3-lamb ribs

Lovely stuff here, I love it when lamb tastes like lamb. No trying to hide it here, the onion-y sauce helped to bring out the richness of the ribs. And it was rich for sure, a healthy 4 sets of double ribs. This was fantastic, though I had to take some of it with me as the volume just took me out. I forgot I was back in Texas…

I chatted with some folks for awhile before I took my leave. I was knackered from all the travel and needed to catch up on sleep, as I had a long day tomorrow. As I drove out back to the hotel, I was still surprised by how good tonight was.

I’ve never really seen San Antonio being highly rated by food folks, as Austin and Dallas always overshadowed. But tonight has proven to me how good San Antonio is. Aside from stupid drivers, I really like this town.

A rare time when I say, I’m really glad to be in Texas.

Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery
303 Pearl Parkway, Suite 120
San Antonio, Texas

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