Review: Chapulín

18 January 2016

I made my way to Mexico City after a rather strange trek. The 2-hour layover in Atlanta sucked, because I had forgotten there’s no booze service in ATL until 1230pm on Sundays…so it was a very long wait. Then the flight to MEX had an unplanned diversion to New Orleans due to a medical emergency on the flight (someone somehow got “injured” in first class…). And, of course, my MP3 player trolled me by putting Louis Armstrong’s “C’est si bon” on while we waited on the tarmac…

Remember, MSY is Louis Armstrong International Airport…

All this to get to Mexico City — my first time here. I’ve actually not been south of the border since Reagan’s first term (!!!!) when he was running for re-election… So this was a bit out of my comfort zone, to say the least. But I had a lot planned, and hoped I don’t get too run down with the altitude and pollution here.

Arriving late, I rushed to my hotel and then straight out to meet friends for a wonderful night of catching up and good food at La Hacienda de los Morales. Excellent stuff, especially the chinicuiles. A good start. Unfortunately not a great sleep, thanks to the altitude. But nevertheless I headed out for a busy morning, zipping through the centre visiting a few places. Metro is useful, thank goodness, as it was warmer than I had throught. It was a clear, sunny day too, as you can see from this picture from the Zócalo of the Catedral Metropolitana.

I was knackered and headed back towards my hotel. In the hotel next door was a restaurant that was heavily recommended, so I dropped in for lunch. This was a place called Chapulín, and it featured its namesake — chapulínes. And indeed, that was my starter…


A nice half-portion, this was tasty. I love the texture of these tiny grasshoppers, and the rich cheese added to the overall combination of taste.


That was a nice starter. But when my main arrived I realised I forgot how big the food portions are here…

2-estofado de cabrito

This was estofado de cabrito, or goat stew. A huge portion to say the least. But to be honest it was on the bland side, especially after the solid flavour of the starter. I nursed this until I was about to explode. Plus, I have a tasting menu tonight, and it was already way past 2.30pm (late lunch starts here in Mexico)… But for some reason I decided on a dessert…

3-chocolate special

And I was rewarded by this chocolate wonder. A combination of 3 types of chocolates layered, with creams as the filling (including a coffee-flavoured cream and others). This was wonderful, one of the best desserts I’ve had in ages. But by now I was beyond full, and that’s not great with this altitude…

Thank goodness my hotel was next door. I could go and rest before my dinner tonight. But so far so good on this trip!

Presidente InterContinental Mexico Polanco
Calle Campos Elíseos 218
Ciudad de México, DF, México

PS: Then the news…Glenn Frey died… That really just crushed me, as there is a very personal reason. He suffered from horrible RA and heavy meds led to issues with his gastrointestinal system and later his immune system. My joint meds have been disastrous for my GI system too, and recently it has led to more difficult issues, so — aside from being a damn big fan of The Eagles, this just really hit me hard…


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