Review: Lobos

30 December 2015

Slept badly after that sad evening of food fails here in London. I was almost tempted to change my ticket to fly home a day early, but I decided to give London one last shot. I decided lunch was gonna be another of my “safety” places, El Pirata in Mayfair. I happily went there, hiking up from Hyde Park Corner, and…crap, it’s shut! For the holidays!

Seriously, WHY have a website if you don’t put this info on the site? They were not clear on social media either. Ugh… So taking a recommendation from someone I headed south of the river towards Borough Market — and found the place.

Lobos is a new-ish tapas joint in the busy market, but I got a counter seat — facing the foot traffic outside. I ordered a sherry and began with a plate of jamon. I chilled and cooled off then saw the plate of bellota, and my heart sank…

1-jamon - 01

This was cut pretty badly, tiny slivers adorn this plate with ridiculously inconsistent slicing. I felt disrespected, as they wanted to pass a plate of crap onto someone they assumed don’t know Spanish cuisine. The “bellota” was bland, and so many pieces were dried out (as they had failed to preserve it right). Frankly at this point I would have preferred a plate of Spam — not just saying this because I grew up in Hawai’i, but I would have.

I was just too deflated to go elsewhere, so I ended up ordering 2 dishes. And more drinks. Soon the first item came, the cazón.


Very plain the fried dogfish, actually a little soggy — like it’s sat there for a little, or they drizzled WAY too much citrus on it and waited to long before bringing it to me… Then the arroz con costra

3-arroz con costra

This was more tasty, with a medley of items under the egg and morcilla crust from chicken to chorizo. But it was simple, and was not cooked consistently under the crust. Just seemed very lax…

I usually don’t do this, but I told them about the bellota issues — and asked for another plate. As I had another sherry the new plate showed up.

4-jamon - 02

Looks much better, but the taste was still damn bland. Poor quality jamon, sadly… They comped me (unnecessarily) for the plate, but it couldn’t make it good. Sad. For all the wonderful jamon I’ve had in my life, this was really one of the blandest ones I’ve ever had…

I headed out extremely disappointed, as London has failed me once again. I’ve had enough.

I think this is my London Swan Song. Counting the hours until my flight…

14 Borough High Street
London, England


2 thoughts on “Review: Lobos

    • The cooked items did look good, but sadly, it could have been done with far more care. Pix can be deceiving… It may be an off-day, the “holiday season” curse, so who knows… :/

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