Review #2: Butagumi

19 November 2015

I made my way back to Tokyo in mid November. I needed some time to think about my future, and what better place to do it than this food mecca? And after a good night sleep (surprisingly) after arriving late in the evening, I made my way to lunch my first full day here. And of course it would be a return trip to Butagumi — the mecca for pork lovers.

My last trip here was borderline orgasmic I had to come back. I got here early and got a table and my mouth was already drooling. The menu had several options of what type of pork was available for the day. Last time I went with the awesome super-rich section, but ironically today’s choice in that section was the same. So for some variety I went with the “very rich” section instead.

My pork of the day was the “golden boar” from Awaji island in the Seto Inland Sea, just south-west of Osaka. I kept drooling as I waited despite the cold and refreshing beer, and a teasing amuse of yam…I felt like a pig! And then it arrived…

Golden Boar 01

Oh my…the way the sun came through the window I thought was utterly appropriate for this “golden boar” — how perfect. I bit into it and I squealed…the adjacent table looked at me…

Golden Boar 03

Perhaps not as heavenly as the last “super rich” pork, but this was utterly delicious. It was so tasty no need for any sauce. I barely had to use any of the salt on offer either. It was awesome…

I had been dreaming of this place since my visit at the start of the year, and it was all worth it. Oh my… Every person I’ve introduced this place to have told me similar stories of near orgasmic enjoyment of this pork. This is just pure joy.

Oh, Tokyo, it’s so, so good to be back… Now for a long trek through nearby Aoyama Cemetery…

Butagumi [豚組]
2-24-9 Nishi-azabu, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan


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