Review: Central

9 November 2015

Georgia drivers are the worst…and Atlanta is about the worst of the bunch. I was glad to be zipping out of this town, but there was a huge storm and idiots (especially those in grey cars) just refuse to turn their headlights on! Idiots! I fought through a nasty storm into Alabama and made a few stops (thank goodness, when the rain lulled). I visited the grave of the great educator Booker T Washington at Tuskegee University, and I also dropped into the legendary town of Selma — and visited the tomb of the “first gay” Vice President of the US, William Rufus King.

I got to the Montgomery area in the early afternoon, had the LAST work meeting of my life (at least for this 20+ year career), and headed to a suburb to grab some BBQ before enjoing some of it in my hotel room as I worked to finish the last document I need to write for my life (at least for this 20+ year career). I sent it off, thinking geez, how odd all this comes to an end in the middle of Alabama…

Anyway, I went to the best restaurant in town for dinner hoping to mark this career-ender with a good night. I was told it should be quiet at Central this rainy Monday evening, but when I got there it was rammed. They said it was unexpected and it was beyond busy… They asked if I could sit at the bar and I was happy to do that.

Cool bartender, and with drink in hand I was happy. I ordered and chilled out. Within a minute of ordering my starter arrived…geez, really?


Smoked Alabama rabbit in a chicken-salad-like format. Worked pretty well as a snack. The mint pesto-like thing worked nicely. Not a bad start.

I switched to wine and again, the food comes out within a minute? Now I was suspicious as this could not have been made that quickly, duck and waffles…


Nope, I was right. The duck was cold inside and the skin utterly soggy. The waffle and the bourbon syrup was excellent, but that I could have had at any temperature. The duck was utterly abandoned. I suspect it was sitting there under a dodgy heat lamp on this very busy night. Kitchen taking shortcuts, poor stuff.

The bartender noticed I abandoned the duck after 2 bites and asked why and I told him. He offered to replace the dish but my heart was not in it. They comped me instead. But I lost faith in this kitchen and didn’t want to risk anymore. Plus, I had leftover ribs in my room… I ended up having a bourbon and closing up.

This was a deflating night for so many reason. I needed a good meal after this most odd way to end a 20+ year career, and I didn’t get it. Soggy duck. How appropriate…

129 Coosa Street
Montgomery, Alabama


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