Review: Cadwalladers Cafe

7 November 2015

After a chaotic day I ended up in Augusta — not sure why, but here I am. I had no idea whether I was gonna eat dinner as my lunch was just voluminous, but I decided after finding a very interesting place called Cadwalladers Cafe. As a historian, the name interests me as there are many political figures in the early days of this Republic with that first name. And of course, the owner is related to that very distant Colonial Governor of New York…

I perched at the bar of this family-operated restaurant and had a wonderful evening of drinks, food and conversation actually. With a bourbon in hand I ordered and looked forward to the food — far more adventurous than I would have expected. Chatted with the locals a bit before my starter arrived — wings.


Nope, not what you think, these are duck. Tiny things, drumlets really, but nice. Don’t get these often but they are tasty. A good start. Then the main, which was huge…


Sure, most of the volume were onion rings (which to be honest were actually not very good), but the rabbit sausages were absolutely gorgeous. Full flavoured and uncompromising, these were excellent.

I enjoyed a bit of banter with the staff and locals and had a bit more drink before taking up a dessert — a sweet potato brulee.


Very nice, the sweet potato really came through well. Lovely food, lovely people. I enjoyed this Saturday evening in a smaller Georgian city much more than most of my “big city” meals to be honest…

Cadwalladers Cafe
106-A David Road
Martinez, Georgia


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